Copella Pink Apple Lemonade

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I came across this new Copella drink when I was doing my last Sainsburys order and being a fan of pink lemonade I had to give it a try. 

Copella Pink Apple Lemonade

It’s an apple, raspberry and lemon juice drink which results in a sharp but sweet flavour that is thoroughly refreshing. You can taste all three flavours coming through – the lemon gives it a zing, while the apple gives it sweetness and the raspberry adds an extra note which makes this quite unusual but really lovely. We had it with our meal but I reckon this drink is the perfect thing to sip whilst relaxing in the garden (when it stops raining!).

We’re already a fan of Copella, they do a fabulous cloudy apple juice which has the nicest flavour, but this is our new favourite from their range. We enjoyed the one bottle I bought so much that I went to the shop (yes, actually inside a supermarket) and bought some more. Definitely a winner here.

When I bought it last week it was on offer for £1 for 750ml in Sainsburys – go try some!

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