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This competition is now closed. All comments before 8pm on the closing date have been approved and the winners will be announced in a new blog post in the next few days. Good luck!!

The lovely people at have been very generous and have given me six lifebottles to give away.

Lifebottle by

That means that six Splodz Blogz readers can have one of these lovely stainless steel reusable water bottles. Have a look at my recent review for my thoughts.

To enter please comment on this blog post telling me something about you and water… an anecdote about an experience, why you like or dislike it, what you like to do with or in it… (keep it clean, of course!).

This competition will run for one week from today, so you have until Friday 29th June to enter. I will choose the winners using my usual random number generator method and announce them as soon as I can after the competition closes.

The Rules

  • This competition is open to UK residents only.
  • You must be aged 18 years old or over at the time of entry.
  • The competition closes at 8pm on Friday 29th June 2012.
  • Entry is by making a relevant comment on this post.
  • Entrants must include a valid email address in the box provided (will not be published). This is so I can contact you if you win.
  • You can only enter once. If you post more than one comment only your first will count as entry into the competition.
  • Members of my immediate family cannot enter (sorry!).
  • The winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries and be announced on Splodz Blogz soon after the closing date.
  • The prize is one of six 350ml Lifebottles from Girl winners will get pink, boy winners will get black.
  • The winners must respond to their email from Splodz Blogz within two days or I reserve the right to re-draw.
  • Your details will only be used for the purpose of this competition. Prizes will be sent directly by
  • You don’t get any extra entries for tweeting or posting about this competition anywhere, but I don’t mind if you do (go on… you know you want to!).
  • Oh… and my decision is final (I like saying that!).

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73 Responses

  1. Corrine Shimmon

    Considering that I hate baths- going back to my knee problems as a teenager- I love being in water, the sea, swimming, jacuzzis etc. But the best thing as far as water is concerned is having a water birth… An amazing experience!

  2. julie birch

    I would like one for my daughter, She is goinf to kenya and needa a bottle that can be refilled. This looks good to.

  3. Angela Bora

    Water is definitely something I do not drink enough of, mainly because of my job, I’d always be stopping for ‘Loo Stops!’ But I’m sure these pretty coloured bottles could persuade me to drink more, especially when I’m not working πŸ™‚

  4. wendy stanger (@kikicomp)

    I have always loved swimming I used to crawl into the sea when I was a baby!! and one time when I was swimming along a seal swam next to me – Mum didnt tell me in case I freaked out!!

    The bottle looks fab

  5. ashleigh

    I love swimming and having fun at water parks with the kids


  6. Susan Seaman

    i hate water, when i was younger i used to love going swimming not the most confident swimmer tho. but my brothers used to drag me under. then when i was at the beach one day a wave knocked me over and since then ive been terrified and wont even go swimming now.

  7. julie Kenny

    I enjoy swimming with my children all of them are much better swimmers than me now and laugh at my strokes – I would love to win this I’m terrible for not drinking enough and get bad headaches which I’m sure are do to dehydration – having a lovely bottle to drink from would surely help xx

  8. Lisa Waugh

    I love drinking water and swimming in it. My greatest experience with water was Songkran water festival in Thailand earlier this year it was the biggest water fight i have ever been to it was amazing!!

  9. claire woods

    I love water to drink. I’d rather drink that than cola or fruit juice. I love swimming too. I kept swimming all throughout my pregnancy. I am trying to teach son Samuel to swim.

  10. Sally Smith

    water – we’re always forgetting it! When my kids go off to play sport (usually football..) we always orget the water bottle! This one looks great!

  11. kathleen hooper

    I love water: drinking it, making it into ice cubes for my G&T, swimming, canoeing, sailing… anything to do with water. Mind you, I love fire jsut as much!

  12. Claire Smith

    I don’t like water due to nearly drowning and having to be saved from a swimming pool when I was 5!

  13. Gillian Holmes

    I nearly drowned in a fountain at Skegness as a child.

  14. Maya Russell

    I like drinking sparkling mineral water. It has a slightly acidic taste which I like.

  15. Cherry Hudson

    Beethoven often dipped his head in cold water before composing. He also regularly poured pitchers of water upon his hands (while humming) until his clothes were sopping wet, whereupon he would pace around the room for some time before sitting at his table to write!

  16. Dolly

    Anecdote – It took me until I was 22 to go swimming in public (the last time having been pre-puberty) because I hate swimwear! Even then it was at night and only me and my friend lol. The thing is though, I really like swimming, so catch 22.

    Why I like it – it’s compact and cute.

    What I will use it for – walking instead of taking the bus for commuter journeys now that’s it’s warmer (though not sunny).

  17. Tracy Grant

    I remember when I was younger and I always used to ask mom for some pop, pointing to the tap she used to say have some council pop it’s free, well it was back then,
    I’m quite lucky with my 2 young ones as they love to drink water x

  18. Isabel O'Brien

    I can only drink it with sugar free squash in it. I very rarely drink it on it’s own. That’s terrible I know!

  19. andrea miles

    when I was little I fell into Cardiff Castle’s maot – I was trying to prove you can walk on duckweed

  20. Gerald Ludlow

    I prefer the taste of our tap water to the expensive brands.

  21. michelle sykes

    I love water – just fed up of the rain at the moment!

  22. Steph Armstrong

    Love drinking water – I drink at least a litre a day and always have a bottle on my desk at work so a bottle like this would look stunning & I would be the envy of all my colleagues.

  23. Natasha Gandy

    I love the fact that water can be ice to caoll you down, liquid to drink and make tea with and steam for a sauna – how versatile !! x

  24. sandi

    I love water and always have, as a toddler I had to be on reigns on the beach or I would be in the sea fully clothed. These days I am less energetic and prefer to sit in a spa or hotub.

  25. Rachael ozimek

    My cat came home just before Xmas covered in what looked like creosote. I fretted like mad how to get it of and in end I had to put cornflower all over her to soak a load of it up then my partner had to hold the cat over the bath whilst I showered her with water and fairy liquid! She hates water and was squealing which really upset me but it had to be done. About 20minutes and lots of scratches later she was all but clean. She hates water and the bath even more now!! Lol

  26. cathyj

    I loved the sea as a child, but from the age of 7 havent been able to go into it due to my salk allergy. But totally enjoyed my experience when I was washing an elephant in a stream in Sri Lanka, it soaked us all lol

  27. Rachael Simmons

    I’m using drinking water as a way to lose weight at the moment! I fill up a big 2L plastic (eek!) bottle on my desk each morning and aim to drink the lot before I go home. It keeps me hydrated and has stopped me snacking so much, so far I’ve lost 10 pounds with this, although i also wee a lot! πŸ˜€

  28. Aimee Ryan

    I’m a weirdo because I love water! My parents had me tested for diabetes when i was younger because of the amount of water I drank, turns out I’m not diabetic, just a weirdo who loves water πŸ™‚

  29. Jen Schofield

    Water is the best thing to drink. It’s the most refreshing thing and if used from a tap requires no waste ie no need for a throw-away bottle. That’s why this is such a fantastic prixe as it helpes the environment!

  30. Heather Haigh

    Despite nearly drowning once I love water – to drink, swim in, bathe in. πŸ™‚

  31. Emily Nelson

    I like taking my little one swimming, But i can’t swim! So i never used to like swimming lessons when i was at school! i was pretty scared of the water.. But now i love it! πŸ™‚

  32. kerrie love

    I love water so much i would love to drink it from this Gorgeous bottle!

  33. Alison

    I love swimming. I even have my bronze medallion for lifesaving and kept all my badges from my youth!

  34. Emma Jackson

    My family loves messing about in the water. We go jam-jar fishing or paddling at every opportunity πŸ™‚

  35. Fran Light

    In my early 20s when I used to go out drinking with ‘the girls’ regularly, no-one could understand why I was always the only one coherent and not faling all over the place at the end of the evening, even though I matched everyone else drink for drink.

    My secret? Between every round of drinks, I’d drink a glass of water which kept me dehydrated and stopped me from getting ‘completely bladdered’. I’d also drink another pint before bedtime to ward off a hangover πŸ™‚

  36. Christina

    Water is truly the elixier of life. I remember when my husband had major s rgery for removal of kidny stones he was told to drink water, water and more water

  37. Mickie Bull

    I absolutely love being in the water which is a bit wierd because I cannot swim. Tried learning but can’t seem to lock it in…

  38. Harpal Kaur

    I always make sure I have a glass of water in between the countless cups of tea I get through during the day

  39. Falon

    I love water! I always have, when i was little, my mum couldn’t get me out of the bath! I loved washing up and still do! I’m planning a water birth too! It relaxes me and makes me feel calm. I love drinking it too!

  40. Rebecca Woodroof

    I love to drink water and this would be a great item to take to work with me

  41. Valerie B

    I don’t have any trouble getting my daily quota of water as I am always thirsty! Thought I might have diabetes, but tests showed no, I am just a thirsty girl. This bottle would be ideal for me, it would get a lot of use πŸ™‚

  42. Victoria leedham

    Im quite happy to drink a cool glass of water, my step son however will not, his excuse? Water is too wet!

  43. Ellie Powell

    my greatest achievement with water was learning to Scuba Dive a few years ago – I was convinced I was going to drown but am now fully qualified and loving spending time with the fish!

  44. Beth Norfolk

    I’ve been getting awful headaches for the past 2 years, but recently I’ve started trying to drink much more water. It’s actually worked! Since I started drinking more, my headaches have all but gone and I would love one of this bottles

  45. Janine Atkin

    ive always got water with me. i dont know why but if i havent got a bottle of water in my bag i feel so thirsty, like i might never be able to drink again, and have to buy some. strange!

  46. Phyllis Ellett

    At 5 years old was taken out about a half a mile into the sea with my dad hanging on his back. Then he chucked me in and just before he told me. You need to swim so now you going to learn. Oh yes I did very quickly. I learned that summer afternoon.

  47. Maria Jane Knight

    Its fresh and its cold,
    Its warm and its soothing,
    We cant live without it, and
    You can’t stop it moving

  48. Karen

    I often drink tap water and resent buying a drink in a plastic bottle so I can re-use the bottle afterwards , but somehow MY bottles seem to end up disappearing – I think others put them in their own sports bag or even the recycle bin!!! I would love my very own reusable bottle

  49. Christina Mass

    I love making ice cubes then popping them into a delicious cocktail x

  50. Melissa Gazi

    I love water, I love swimming in the sea and I love watching the life within it like the fish and plants πŸ™‚

  51. angela sandhu

    I love the sound of flowing water. My parents have a little water fountain in their garden and i love sitting in the garden with my eyes closed and just listening to the water! Makes me want to go to the toilet though!!

  52. Nicola Daffern

    Water water everywhere – even getting to my TV reception!
    Go to the places for us to enjoy – straight in the Lifebottle with little intervention πŸ™‚


    I believe that it is due to all the water i drink that my skin and hair are in great condition for my age ( 47 and proud) It is great to “moisturise” from the inside as well as from outside!

  54. siobhan marie

    when i was 11 i did 90 lengths in one go at the swimming baths :/ think i swallowed alot of water that day x

  55. Ellen Stafford

    I love water. I love being in water…even in the cold English sea. It’s hard to explain but I feel free when I am in water. I just love it.

  56. Nick Hopkins

    I remember being taught how to swim by my P.E. teacher at school. He told all of the other kids to get out of the pool and ordered me to swim a width. As I had hundreds of eyes watching me I didn`t have much choice. I managed it but have never been back in a pool since.

  57. Di Coke

    I love reusing water bottles, and a great use is to transport alcohol that would otherwise be really heavy to lug around. Taking vodka to Reading Festival was a favourite habit of mine, until one morning I woke with a hangover to brush my teeth and rinsed my mouth out with… you guessed it, a swig of vodka. Eek!

  58. Hayley Todd

    Water, well, what can I say….without it we couldn’t survive! Apart from coffee, ice-cold water is the only thing I drink (well, apart from the odd tipple of course!) – there is nothing more refreshing or thirst quenching that a gorgeous ice-cold glass of water filled with ice-cubes!
    I love wallowing in the bath surrounded by bubbles and candles. There is nothing more relaxing!
    I love swimming and paddling in the sea, swimming in swimming pools and splashing in rain puddles!

  59. Cher W

    I am a bit of a water addict. Its like my comfort blanket in that I always have a bottle with me.. I recently cleaned my car out and found 9 empty bottles!! I always have 2 on my desk at work and all my friends always ask me where’s your water bottle?! I guess there are worse things to be known for!

  60. Hazel Wright

    I live in Buxton where they bottle the spring water. In town is St Anns well where you can go and top up your bottle with the water without paying a thing. People go there with their cars and boots full of huge bottles to fill up! I just sometimes grab a drink while passing as I often go for a walk around the town and park to get some exercise…and because its beautiful!

  61. Thomas Atkinson

    I suffer from over efficient Kidneys (honestly) so always need to keep myself topped up with lovely fresh water, one of these drinks bottles would make my life complete.

  62. Andrea Morton

    I can’t swim, but live being in water as long as its not too deep.these bottles look great, I used to drink a lot if water, but have got out of the habit. I feel better when I do drink it

  63. AP

    Have always found that adding a capful of Pure Orange to a water bottle can help to take away the metallic taste you sometimes get. The orange taste doesn’t come through either…so it’s water loveliness the whole way!

  64. sue willshee

    I went for a job interview and the interviewers told me to help myself to the bottled water on the table. As I unscrewed the top it fizzed all over me and I had to complete the interview with a wet (and partially see through) top!
    Strangely enough I got the job – not sure whether I stunned them with my superb interview skills or whether they hoped I’d do my ‘Miss Wet T shirt’ impression regularly for them πŸ™‚

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