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It’s very close now… just one day til I have my “moment to shine” and get to carry the Olympic flame as one of the 8000 torchbearers. 

I’m carrying the flame for approximately 350 metres down Tritton Road towards the Uni, running leg 121 on day 40 of the relay (Wednesday 27th June) starting at 5.45pm.

I have just received my uniform (yes, the day before, cutting it a little bit fine there LOGOC and UPS!)…

Wearing my Torchbearer Uniform

…and I’m very thankful it fits! I’m very much looking forward to wearing this tomorrow along with the most amazing gold accessory – the London 2012 torch.

I was nominated to take part in the relay by family who think I have a good attitude towards life. My mantra “life is all about the journey” is something I try to remember daily, making the most of every opportunity I am given. In the last week that has been tested – both my father in law and grandad are currently ill in hospital. Neither will be able to see me run but I will lift that torch high for them both.

I’m looking forward to seeing the banner that Coca Cola made for me somewhere in the crowd… it’ll remind me on the day to make sure I savour every moment of this little part of my journey, creating memories to last a lifetime. I hope that phrase reminds you to do something positive with your time too – be a beacon of light for someone or something.

Me and my Future Fames Banner

If you fancy cheering me on tomorrow then head down to Tritton Road about an hour before the relay starts (the roads close around 4pm I think so remember that!). There will be a pole or lamp post marked up with the number 121 – I believe that’s where I’ll be starting. Oh, and if you manage to get any photos please let me have copies!

If you can’t make it tomorrow but will be near a computer or other suitable device, you can watch the whole thing live on the BBC “torch cam”

I know there are many who are down on the relay as I see tweets every day from people saying the whole thing is stupid, or saying not-so-nice things about those who have been chosen to carry the flame. That is a real shame.  I for one feel totally proud to have been chosen to be a part of this celebration of the Olympic spirit across the UK. I hope you can at least see that the relay is a fabulous way of not only celebrating the fact that we are hosting the Games this year, but that the spirit of the Games – peace, honour, friendship – is alive and well here in the UK.

Here’s to a great day tomorrow. I’ll wave at you!

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  1. Peter Cattell

    Good Luck Zoe …
    I really hope you have a great time, and if I manage to get back from work in time, I will be sitting at my laptop cheering you on πŸ™‚

  2. Alison

    Ooooh good luck, looking forward to seeing the photos. Shame you don’t have a zip wire to go down though ;0

    • Splodz

      That would have been pretty cool! Maybe it’s a good job I’m just gonna be jogging with it though… I can be clumsy at times!

  3. Nicky Stevens

    The very best of luck Zoe, you deserve it, savour every second. I’ve set my phone alarm so I don’t miss you on the link you gave too πŸ™‚ xxx

  4. jenni thorpe

    all the best for tomorrow zoe, I shall definitely be watching on Torch cam. πŸ™‚ We were lucky enough to catch the a bit of the relay when visiting my dad this weekend in Lancashire, it really was nice to see a bit of history in the making.

    Will be cheering you on tomorrow. xxx

  5. Splodz

    Thanks everyone! It’s so nice that people are going to be able to take part by watching online from where-ever they are πŸ™‚

  6. Ruth

    Thinking of you and the awesome opportunity you have today. Remember you’re there because people believe in you and the difference you make every day. Very proud of you and celebrating with you in Kent xx

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