White Tops = Stains

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I only have to put on a white or cream top for it to get something on it. Pen, ice cream, tea, or just dirt, I’m just rubbish at keeping things clean. Maybe it’s because I’m an outdoors kind of girl at heart – a little bit of dirt doesn’t matter when you’re out walking does it?

As a result of my inability to keep my clothes free I always have a bar of Vanish in the cupboard under the sink. It’s ideal for those blackcurrant or grease emergencies.

The worst thing, I find, is spaghetti bolognaise. It splatters and spits as you cook it, and if you can manage to eat a forkful of spaghetti with that tomato based beef goodness without flicking little spots of red on you then you’re much better than me. The number of times I’ve had to change my top and get it in the wash straight away (after lathering it with Vanish soap) when I’ve eaten spag bol is frankly ridiculous. I definitely cannot order it at a restaurant!

Anyway, this infographic dropped in my inbox and I thought I’d share – the more you can do to get rid of any marks before they’re dry the better. That way you reduce your risk of that top becoming for walking or gardening only.

Stain Removal

Visit Vanish for Stain Removal Tips and much more.

Disclaimer: I received this infographic in an email from Vanish and I chose to include it on Splodz Blogz – I didn’t have to.


  1. Alison

    Spaghetti Bolagnaise is a nightmare. My son manages to get it all down his tops every time he has it and I then have to wash them several times. I will have to try this next time he has it (and hope its not while he is at school)

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