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I was tagged in another one of those meme things the other week (thanks Alison at Dragons and Fairy Dust)… I like to give them a go when I’m tagged, it’s interesting to think about the topics and compare my answers with other people’s. This time it’s about online shopping… 

1. How often do you shop online?

All the time. Well not all the time as in every day, but most of my shopping is done online. And even when I don’t actually make my purchase on the web, I’ll generally have done my research and made my choices thanks to the technology. Having said that, I do enjoy a good browse in clothes shops and sometimes you can’t beat an impulse lunchtime shop.

2. If you can remember, tell us about the first time you shopped online?

No idea. Way too long ago. I do remember buying my second mobile phone online, I replaced my old green phillips thing with a snazzy samsung flip model, and it came with some free CK sunglasses.

3. What do you buy regularly online?

Groceries. I really struggle with supermarkets – they are far too stressful – and don’t have time for lots of little shops. I have an order delivered once every two weeks to keep my freezer and cupboard topped up.

4. What other type of products or services do you buy online?

Pretty much anything to be honest. Holidays (flights and hotels), insurance products, car tax, clothing when I know what size I am, gifts, music and dvds, stuff for the house (this week we ordered our light bulbs).

5. What are the advantages of shopping online?

Not having to think about when the shops are open and not having to make a trip into town and carry things home. Shopping in store is great because you get the item immediately, I definitely go with that, but it is often much more convenient – and cheaper – to order online and have things delivered.

6. Are there any disadvantages of shopping online?

Oh yes, the delivery can be a pain in the backside. Mainly because courier companies just aren’t that good are they? I’m sure we all have stories of couriers chucking parcels over the fence, leaving them by the front door for the world to see, not leaving “we missed you cards” so you don’t actually know your neighbour took the parcel in for you. Need I go on? I just wish couriers (including Royal Mail) would get better at what they do – it’s just not good enough and causes the seller and the buyer headaches.

7. Do you ever shop online in secret?

In secret as in so no-one knows what I’m spending my money on? Keeping secrets from my family? Not really, apart from maybe at birthdays or Christmas – it’s nice to give surprises.

8. What is the very last thing you bought online?

We bought an LED light bulb the other day – our house is full of those GU10 bulbs that get very hot and use a lot of electricity, so we have been looking into alternatives (without having to replace the light fittings themselves). There are LED versions of those bulbs which are expensive but use a lot less power and run much cooler, so we bought one to try it before we spend loads of money on enough to replace all of them.

LED Light Bulb

9. If someone was buying something online for you, what would you like it to be if money was no object?

A round the world adventure – a year away taking in all the sights our world has to offer from city sightseeing, luxury exotic locations and adrenaline fuelled experiences. Now that would be an amazing trip.

10. Have you heard of Give As You Live? If not find out more here

Not until now. But it seems like a great idea. It includes some of the online shops I use too. Nice.

As always, anyone can take part in this meme, but traditionally I have to tag some other bloggers to take part. I’m gonna choose Cathyjam’s Blog and Munchy’s Place for this one, as I know they both enjoy a bit of online ordering!

Inspired by Kate on Thin Ice.

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