Snap Happy: 6th to 10th August

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A quick catch up post with this week’s Snap Happy photos… if you’re taking part this month please add your blog link or twitter tag in the comments below so I can go and look at your pictures.

6th August: Ice Cream Sundae

After getting soaked through to the skin riding my motorbike through torrential rain and flash flooding, the closest I came to an ice cream sundae was this doodle in my Moleskine.

Snap Happy 6th August - Ice Cream Sundae

7th August – Beetle

Snap Happy 7th August - Beetle

8th August – Tall

Some very tall hills on Glen Coe, Scotland.

Snap Happy 8th August - Tall

9th August – Happiness Is…

…Relaxing on holiday in my pyjamas and slipper socks with a cup of tea and the Olympics on telly.

Snap Happy 9th August - Happiness Is...

10th August – Notes

Personal pride to anyone who can tell me what piece this is!

Snap Happy 10th August - Notes

See my earlier post for all the prompts for this month.


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  1. Laura

    Now that’s a challenge! Bass clef…..*dredging up music theory knowledge……and then checking on wikipedia that I remember it right*. OK…… it the Jonny Briggs theme tune? (don’t know if it’s got a proper name?) btw, this is a really good game, posting mystery bits of “what’s this” music! 🙂

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