Cocoa Boutique Chocolate Tasting Experience

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Said to be the best chocolates you have ever tasted, Cocoa Boutique is a chocolate tasting club showcasing hand made chocolates from British Master Chocolatiers.

Cocoa Boutique

The idea is that you (and a friend if you’re feeling generous) work your way through the box of chocolates – in which you’ll find two (or more) of each type – taking your time over the delicious flavours and scoring each out of ten. And believe me when I say you’ll want to savour each one individually, this box of chocolates is just divine.

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening!

Cocoa Boutique Chocolate Box

(Sorry, badly exposed photo!)

We sat in front of the telly with the lovely ‘designer’ chocolate box, working our way through them one by one, reading the little description before trying them, and really trying to concentrate on the flavour. Where we knew one of us wouldn’t like a particular chocolate we relied on the other person to describe it. This worked really well, it was quite enjoyable. You get a leaflet with a score card in it which we filled in and sent back – Cocoa Boutique use this to give feedback to the chocolatiers and also influence what might go in next time.

Our number one chocolate from the box was the White Strawberry Cream:

Cocoa Boutique White Strawberry Cream

Light, white chocolate encases a strawberry creamy filling bringing you both ‘creaminess and fruitiness’ in one bite.

It was indeed light and very creamy. The flavour was fairly subtle but sweet and fruity just like a good British strawberry should be. I love it when eating something brings back memories – this chocolate reminded us both of a desert we had at our hotel in Arinsal, Andorra; we’re not sure what it was exactly but loved the flavour and this was just the same. This chocolate is in every monthly box right?!

Next for us came the Cocoa Dusted Salted Caramels:

Rich, smooth caramel with a pinch of salt which is then encased in dark chocolate and rolled in coocoa.

(Chocolate salty balls anyone?) The centre of these was liquid, it was seriously good, and there were three and because this is my blog obviously I got the extra one!

Finally in our top three was the Raspberry with a Hint of Orange:

Cocoa Boutique Raspberry with a Hint of Orange

This eye catching milk chocolate dome is lovingly hand finished with tastes of raspberry and orange.

It looks fantastic and I do like a chocolate flavoured with fruit. Really tasty.

I must also give an honourable mention heeds to go to the chocolate coated coffee beans. All I will say is POW! Eyes wide open!!

The only downside my other half mentioned was there were too many coffee ones – he doesn’t like coffee. And that is definitely a risk; if you go out and choose a box of chocolates to share you will most likely choose one based on flavours you know you like. You don’t get that here, you may not like all the chocolates in the box. But on the other hand you may also find chocolates you never would have tried that become your new favourite. There are no surprises though – the leaflet tells you what each chocolate is so you’re not going to feel your face screw up in disgust as you bite into an unexpected unliked truffle!

Cocoa Boutique Chocolate Box Leaflet

The box fits through normal sized letterboxes so no trips to the sorting office to get your chocolate fix. I’m liking all the companies about at the moment who think about making their products fit through a letterbox – good thinking.

If you fancy a treat and doing something a bit different, spoil yourself and get one of these tasting boxes. I’m so tempted to sign up for the monthly service – it’s £19.95 and you are getting some of the finest chocolates around. Tempted. Very tempted.

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Disclaimer: I was sent one Cocoa Boutique Chocolate Tasking Box so I could try out the service. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result.

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