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With the strapline “Taste Something New”, the Flavr Box Tasting Box is a new way to discover exceptional food and drink products made by some of the finest food makers in the UK.

When you live in one town with supermarkets around you offering convenience, it is sometimes difficult to discover new foods, especially those made by independent manufacturers such as farmers and home-based-businesses. So the Flavr Box Tasting Box is an easy, convenient way of discovering “superior” alternatives to the traditional big brands, while helping you try out new flavours and new ways of cooking.

Flavr Box

I received a Flavr Box Tasting Box for review and I was really happy with the contents, none of which I had tried before – which is the point. It had a couple of boxes of Speltotto, some Charcuterie, a sachet ofCaribbeanrub, some Red Pepper and Almond Pesto, Aubergine and Mushroom Pate and some Sicilian Lemon Biscuits. There was a leaflet in with the box to tell me about each of the suppliers, which is a great way to introduce these new products.

Flavr Box Contents

I was actually quite surprised to receive full meals… the Speltotto did us two mid-week evening meals on its own. I’m going to write a separate post on the Speltotto because I think it deserves it, so watch out for that in the coming days.

Flavr Box - Pesto and Pate

Flavr Box - Caribbean Rub

Apart from that we used the Charcuterie on some Ryvita with some cheese and it was really good – full of flavour. The remaining meat may make its way onto a home made pizza later in the week too. The two jars we used in pasta and on crackers, both nice-to-haves I wouldn’t normally buy that have gone down very well in our house. The Caribbean rub I used on some chicken breasts for another mid-week dinner – it is a little bit spicy and went perfect with some sweet potato fries, peas and a dollop of garlic mayonnaise.

It was lovely to receive something sweet too – the biscuits – posh biscuits – were just lovely and really perfect with a cup of tea.

Flavr Box - Biscuits

I really liked my box, it’s a great idea and introduced me to some things I’d never tried before. Obviously I cannot say if I would enjoy the Tasting Box next month as much as I did this one because the products will naturally be different, but Flavr Box say you will like what they send; they are really into food themselves and always taste test the products before making up the boxes. They select the products based on taste, ethics and availability – and many of the products will have won awards such as the Great Taste Awards or Taste of the West Awards which is a pretty good advertisement.

I’m not sure I’d want one of these every month but I do think I’d go for it every now and again. They also make great gifts for food-loving family and friends – a six month subscription costs £108 so might be worth considering at Christmas for someone special.

The Flavr Box Tasting Box is from £16 per month (£20 as a one off). For more information visit: http://flavrbox.com/box

Disclaimer: I was sent a Flavr Tasting Box so I could try out the service. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result.

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