Potted Trees for Your Garden

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My garden – especially the weeds – is loving the weather we’ve had this summer. When it’s not been proper hardcore rain it’s been bright sunshine and very hot. What’s with it? Anyway, this has meant my grass (more of a dandelion bed) has needed mowing far too regularly and pot plants have been doing rather well.

A few weeks ago I received a gift from a lovely friend – it was a Rosemary Tree. She sent it for a particular reason that I won’t go into here, but it is growing nicely and gives me a smile every time I look at it. I had never thought of sending little trees like that in the post before, and while I’m not sure where she sent it from, I really like the idea. I noticed that Next have a range of trees that would bring a touch of sunshine to my garden.

This Pomponette has gorgeous yellow flowers that would look fabulous by my door. I can just imagine getting home from work to be greated by its brightness even on a horrible day.

Pomponette at Next

An Olive Tree would also look fabulous – no idea if you’d actually get olives, guess that’s the idea but I’m not sure if our weather is quite to Mediterranean standards.

Olive Tree at Next

Finally Next have a Bay Tree – just imagine whenever you have a recipe that uses a single Bay Leaf just being able to go and pick it off your very own Bay Tree in your back garden? I’m sure you’re all one step ahead of me and have one already don’t you?!

Bay Tree at Next

I’ve always liked receiving flowers but receiving a tree as a gift just makes so much more sense. Flowers are beautiful and brighten up the home for a few days, but trees last at least a lifetime. What a great idea. Thanks Dawn for the inspiration. The ones here are around £28-35 from Next Flowers.

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