2012 in 2012 – August Update

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End of August already. That was quick. You’ll be pleased to know things are still on track for my 2012km in 2012 challenge.

2012 in 2012 Summary, Friday 31st August

Total for August >> 179.7 km

Total for 2012 >> 1,500.5 km

Average per day (245 days) >> 6.12 km

Remaining >> 511.5 km to go

Once again, most of my km this month have been courtesy of my exercise bike, which I am so pleased that I own. Exercising outdoors is definitely better, but at least I have that to keep me exercising even when I can’t get outdoors. It’s set up in our back bedroom facing the window so I can gaze endlessly through it (or alternatively watch something on iPlayer on my iPad which makes half an hour fly by!).

I have been getting outdoors too, though. I have been making the most of my lunch breaks, going for walks around Lincoln – I love the Brayford on a warm sunny day, just lovely.

Brayford Pool, Lincoln at Lunch Time

Brayford Pool, Lincoln at Dusk

I weighed myself for the first time since we went skiing at the end of last month. I will simply say “oh dear”. It seems that my 2012km challenge isn’t leading to any kind of weight loss, which I know has everything to do with my calorie intake. It’s lovely that some of my friends insist it doesn’t look like it, but I now sit in the “overweight” category in the BMI side of things. So I should start to do something about that really.

So on to September, and I hope have a really good month that’ll mean I can relax while on holiday for a couple of weeks next month.

Please feel free to comment with how your own 2012 challenges are going – I do like to hear how others are doing.

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