Weight Loss Question for Jenny Craig

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You’ve all see the Jenny Craig advertisements on the telly – I think the latest one is with Dame Edna which is a very interesting choice.

Anyway, Jenny Craig are offering bloggers the chance to win a bike (thanks to Evans Cycles) by blogging a question about weight loss that will then be answered by their weight loss experts.

Weighing Scales

As you know I try and keep active, but I also really love my food. I enjoy all the good stuff as well as all the bad stuff and while my diet is varied it’s probably not quite balanced.

So my question to the Jenny Craig experts is:

I enjoy sweet treats and puddings, and really don’t want to give them up in the name of weight loss. I try to eat sugar free jelly or home made popcorn to keep the calories down, but sometimes I just want ice cream and sweets. What are your favourite and most recommended healthy sweet-treat alternatives?


If you have any ideas/inspiration please feel free to comment below, and I’ll let you know if the Jenny Craig weight loss experts pick mine to answer.

This is my entry into the Jenny Craig Bike Competition. For more information see: http://www.jennycraig.co.uk/tips-blog/blog-home/ask-a-question-for-a-chance-to-win-a-bike!.aspx


UPDATED 26th September:

I am pleased to say that this post got me second prize in the Jenny Craig competition and so I have won a Sheactive voucher and a 28 day trial of Jenny Craig. I’ll blog about the trial when I am doing it… all tips welcome.

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