Hip 2B Square Exhibition – My Shots

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I’ve rather enjoyed my first taste of being in a photography exhibition, it’s been fun.

A number of people who weren’t able to get to Lincoln have asked to see the shots I chose to exhibit, so here they are – all taken on my iPhone4 and where edited, that was also done on the phone.

One in 8000 - Zoe Homes

ONE IN 8000 | The London 2012 Olympic Torch, as carried on Tritton Road in Lincoln on 27th June | iPhone 4 | Snapseed | Zoe Homes

Discarded Oyster Shells - Zoe Homes

DISCARDED OYSTER SHELLS | Piles and piles of discarded oyster shells on Whitstable Beach | iPhone 4 | Snapseed | Zoe Homes

Rope - Zoe Homes

ROPE | Harbours are great places for photos, this rope was left on the harbour wall at Whitstable | iPhone 4 | Snapseed | Zoe Homes

Snail on the Decking - Zoe Homes

SNAIL ON THE DECKING | One of a family of snails that had a race across my decking | iPhone 4 | Snapseed | Zoe Homes

Peeling Paint and Rust - Zoe Homes

PEELING PAINT AND RUST | What is left of a sign by Brayford Pool, Lincoln | iPhone 4 | Snapseed | Zoe Homes

Sherbet Pips - Zoe Homes

SHERBET PIPS | Close up of my favourite retro sweets | iPhone 4 | Snapseed | Zoe Homes

Worn Out Shoes - Zoe Homes

WORN OUT SHOES | When shoes look like this the best place for them is the dustbin – after taking some snaps of course | iPhone 4 | Snapseed | Zoe Homes

Steps in Helsinki - Zoe Homes

STEPS IN HELSINKI | The steps up to the Cathedral in Senate Square, Helsinki, Finland | iPhone 4 | Snapseed (as shot) | Zoe Homes

Abandoned - Zoe Homes

ABANDONED | The Old Pea Factory on Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln | iPhone 4 | Snapseed | Zoe Homes

Reach for the Sky - Zoe Homes

REACH FOR THE SKY | My own hand in silhouette against a moody sky | iPhone 4 | Snapseed | Zoe Homes

So there you go – would love to hear what you think about my shots, so feel free to comment below. I’ve got some photos of my photos (!) which I’ll get on here soon too.

A couple of my images remain up at the Angel Coffee House in Lincoln (which is a really nice place for coffee and cake – comes recommended!). See our website for more information about the exhibition – I wonder if I’ll get to do another one sometime?

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