Autumnal Coloured Boots

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This week I saw so many tweets from people saying they had given in and put the summer shoes away and got the leggins and boots out. It’s been a bit chilly, quite windy, and rather damp.

But it’s not winter yet, so what we want is something for autumn, something that is colourful like the leaves beginning to fall from the trees, something to keep us bright and cheerful as the evenings draw in.

There are some fabulous autumnal coloured boots about, which mean we can continue to wear those floaty dresses but keep our feet warm.

How about these green Iris Malin boots by Eject? Quite unusual, I like the heel.

Green Iris Malin Boots by Eject

If you want to be really unusual these blue Palladium boots – the style is fabulous, casual rock, urban, and so very bright – definitely on my wish list.

Blue Palladium Elisa Thck Boots

Orange is a traditional autumnal colour, and the shops are full of orange fashion at the moment. Airstep have created this biker style boot in camel, something you could wear all day every day.

Airstep camel biker boots

If autumnal orange just doesn’t do it for you, then go for a nice bright red. These Goldmud Hitra Jiko boots pop.

Goldmud Hitra Jiko red boots

Which colour will you go for this autumn? I am far too tempted by those blue ones!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Spartoo but I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result.

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