Special K Biscuit Moments

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Trying to be good? I know I am – I am failing miserably but I am trying! Snacks are part of my problem, I like to graze, to eat constantly, especially at work. So when Special K suggested I give their new Biscuit Moments a try I naturally thought that was a good idea.

Special K Biscuit Moments

Special K Biscuit Moments

Strawberry flavoured filling in a biscuit topped with a vanilla flavoured drizzle, these biscuits are worth just 98 calories per pack of two – sub-100-calorie-snacks are the way to go.

Special K Biscuit Moments

To be honest I didn’t have high hopes for these. I enjoy a good cereal bar (my current favourites are Jordans Frusli bars and Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars), but I was expecting these to be dry and be crying out for some milk! But I was pleasantly surprised. They are thin and crunchy on the outside, but the filling and drizzle gives them a lovely flavour and moist texture. They are full of flavour actually, and reminding me of Pop-Tarts (mmmmm pop-tarts). It’s a good job they’re in packs of two because one isn’t enough – two is good though, perfect as a snack with a cup of tea. Very nice.

Special K Biscuit Moments

As Special K sent me six boxes of these biscuits I thought it was best to share them around, so I gave some to my mum and sister to try (although this was before I had tried one myself after which I wish I’d kept them all for myself!).

Mum said:

I read the ingredients first and expected them to be really sweet!

I looked at the picture and expected them to be soft like cookies.

How wrong was I !

As someone who eats very few biscuits I was really very pleasantly surprised. They were sweet to
the taste but very strawberry – ey and not sickly and they were really crispy.

The only problem was that they are really moreish and I only had one packet to try – so it’s off to
the supermarket I think. As a low calorie snack they are excellent but they are so nice I may have to
double or triple the calorie intake!

Mu sister said:

These reminded me of Pop-Tarts! [Great minds think alike.] Really tasty but when I replaced my normal break time snack with these they didn’t fill me up til lunch.

And my Dad added (in fantastically eloquent English):

Thin pastry, drizzled with strings of white icing give these Special K biscuits an elegance that yearns for presentation on a doily covered silver plate rather than for them to emerge from a glossy coloured snack wrapper. It is this mix of high status delicate crispness mingled with a mouth-watering strawberry filling and the commercial on-the-go image packaging that confuses the anticipated pleasure of eating. The expectation is that of biting into a substantial but ‘slimming’ biscuit whereas the reality, once the biscuit comes into view, is vastly different – an eating experience that is but momentary, as the biscuit’s name suggests. While it would be too harsh to say one felt cheated, the aroused desire to enjoy such a biscuit was left unsatisfied. Next time I must be sure to serve them for afternoon tea where ambience can extend the biscuit moment indefinitely.

Sounds like everyone agrees – Special K Biscuit Moments are a winner.

Special K Biscuit Moments

A Special K Biscuit Moment won’t replace chocolate or Caramel Digestives as a treat, and they aren’t particularly filling, but they are really tasty and get the “mmmmmm” vote from me.

Disclaimer: I was sent some Strawberry Special K Biscuit Moments to try out for Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest than if I’d spent my own money on them.

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