Linen for a New Bed

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We have just treated ourselves big time… we wanted a bit of luxury at home, so we purchased a new bed. It’s a kingsize divan with a totally fantastic mattress. I am in love, it’s so comfortable – I don’t think we’d really realised how old our old bed was.

Naturally I’ve been looking around at linen for inspiration; no new bed would be complete without some new linen.  Our bedroom is white and grey and so we can pretty much go for any colours on the bed which gives us lots of choice – we can be bright and colourful or muted and subtle and both fit well in the room.

White Ruched Bed Set from Next

I am really liking this ruched bed set from Next. It’s white and so makes the room feel clean and bright and large, but the ruching is unusual and adds a touch of femininity (sorry husband – at least it’s not too much, I’m not suggesting we get the quilted throw, although I do like it!). It looks a bit like marshmallow – don’t you think it’s inviting?!

Grey Border Seersucker Bed Set

If you want something more masculine that still offers luxury then this grey border bed set gives you that. The grey in this actually matches our curtains and headboard perfectly, it would look brilliant. It’s got that crisp, clean, bright look and the addition of that silver velvet throw adds warmth. I love those massive cushions too – we would obviously need the set as pictured!

What kind of linen do you have on your bed? Do you have one set you wash, dry and put straight back on, or a selection that you rotate depending on what you fancy at the time? Do you go for plain colours or patterns?

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    • Splodz

      Hi. It was from Next. I say “was” as it doesn’t appear to be available any more (this post is from 2012). It is really lovely, I wish I’d bought it.

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