Next Winter Wardrobe Competition

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I have been invited to take part in another Next blog competition. Hosted by Amy Antionette, the idea is to showcase three winter outfits you’d like to wear using Next’s own brand fashion collections. 

I love the winter. I love all seasons really but there is nothing more comforting than getting all wrapped up in snuggly jumpers and rugged boots to get outside in the cold and snow. I’ve said before that I’m no fashion expert so here are my three Next-inspired outfits for this winter that I would wear… simple, practical, comfy, warm.

City Streets

Cities are great places to explore in winter – plenty of indoors places to mooch around and of course lots of coffee shops to visit! I very much like the oversized jumper trend, and here have chosen to go all grey in this one from Next.

Winter Wardrobe - City Streets

Jeans | Grey Oversized Jumper | Black Western Boots | Grey Hat

Dinner With Friends

I’m not talking of your Christmas parties here, but a nice relaxed meal out with friends where comfort and looking good are equally important. I love this striped jumper dress, if I had it I’d find any excuse. With some leggings and long boots it would be ideal for a trip to Wagamama or Zizzis. I’d even wear a nice big necklace.

Winter Wardrobe - Meal Out

Jumper Dress | Long Boots | Leggings | Necklace

Beach Walk

It is never too wintery for a walk along the beach. The duffel gilet with hood will keep your body warm while the blue and brown hi top trainers will do the same for your feet. And you can’t go wrong with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a long sleeved tee.

Winter Wardrobe - Beach Walk

Gilet | Bow Tee | Boyfriend Jeans | Boots

If I win (which I won’t, but I enjoyed taking part anyway), I’ll have a £500 Next Giftcard to spend… if you want to take part too the closing date is November 2nd – don’t forget to let Amy know you’ve entered.

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