2012 in 2012 – October Update

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I’m a bit disappointed in myself really. I nearly didn’t put a 2012 km in 2012 challenge update on my blog, but it’s been a couple of months so I thought I should. Over the last eight weeks I’ve only managed just over 200 km, the vast majority of being done inside on my exercise bike. Partly due to the weather. Partly due to a two week holiday. Partly due to tiredness. Partly due to laziness.

Taking my KEEN Bryce WP Shoes for a Walk

But then it is a challenge, it wasn’t going to be easy, and there are two months left to go to complete it.

Here are the figures:

2012 in 2012 Summary, Wednesday 31st October

Total for September >> 109.9 km

Total for October >> 106.8

Total for 2012 >> 1,717.3 km

Average per day (306 days) >> 5.61 km

Remaining >> 294.7 km to go

Despite being disappointed, I’m actually still on track. Thanks to being good in the first few months, I built up an excess of km that means I now need to do an average of just under 5 km a day to meet my target at the end of the year and beat this challenge. That’s 35 km a week and works out to about three lots of 30 minutes on the exercise bike a week. I can do that.

I must also say that not included in these figures are the looooong distances walked while on holiday in Florida – those parks and malls are massive and we were on the go most of the time. I should have worn a pedometer. I also enjoyed swimming in our pool. But as I’ve no idea how far I walked over those two weeks, or how far I swam, I can’t include them. Fair enough.

Enjoying Outdoors Time at Disney

The other part of my New Year’s resolution for 2012 was to get outdoors as much as possible. And while I’ve been exercising on my stationery bike indoors, I have stuck to my plan and got outside when I can. One way I’ve done this is my making sure I get out of the office every lunch time – taking a break and going for a walk provides much needed fresh air and natural light (and a little bit of exercise too), and I feel much better in the afternoon as a result. I’ve also really enjoyed tested a wide range of outdoor shoes, including boots and trainers, such fun!

I hope your New Year challenges (seems such a long time since we set them) are still going well and you are on track for a big celebration on December 31st. Less than 300 km to go…

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