Tea India Teas

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I posted this photo on instagram the other day commenting that one way to make this blogger happy is to send her tea. Or shoes. But mainly tea.

Tea India Parcel

Inside the package was two boxes of Tea India tea. Despite being a tea lover and drinking many (many) cups of the stuff a day, Tea India is not a company I have come across before. With over 70 years of tea making experience, Tea India teas are a fusion of tradition with the vibrancy of modern India. This company doesn’t make English Breakfast tea! They use only the two top leaves and the bud when the tea is at its freshest to create a unique range of authentic Indian teas. So I looked forward to taking my 30 minutes to relax and giving these a try.

In my gold-tissue-packed parcel I received a box of Black Tea and a box of Cardamom Chai, both in one-cup tea bag form, designed to take with milk and sugar if preferred.

Tea India Teas

I went straight for the Black Tea, probably because it is the thing I am used to. Tea India’s Black Tea has a high Assam content which gives it a rich and full flavour. It is their normal blend, the tea they recommend you drink throughout the day. So I have been doing, and I really like it. It is different to Breakfast Tea for sure, has a more aromatic scent and flavour, but is delicate enough to enjoy as an everyday tea.

Black Tea by Tea India

I’ve never tried a Chai, and definitely not one with cardamom in it. The bags of Tea India Cardamom Chair have a definite Indian aroma, they smell a little spicy, very different. You brew it in the same way as their Assam based Black Tea, and add milk and sugar if required. I take my black tea with milk so I did the same. Described as an invigorating blend, I am already hooked. What a lovely smooth but different flavour.  Not a traditional tea but one that you have to stop and drink, savouring each mouthful. Not one I’d drink all day everyday, but lovely as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Cardamom Chai Tea by Tea India

The only problem with this tea?  It’s not readily available. My nearest stockist is either 87 miles away in a Tesco across the country in Wilmslow, or 119 miles south in a Tesco in Potters Bar. (If you’re in London you’ll be able to get it no problem.) And you can’t order on their website at the moment.

If you can get hold of some Tea India tea then definitely try it. It is different, but not so unusual it’ll disagree – aromatic, lovely smooth flavours, which accompany a 30 minute sit-down any day of the week.

PS If you want to make this blogger even happier then please feel free to send more tea (or shoes)!

Disclaimer: I was sent some Tea India teas so I could write about them here on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result of receiving it for free.

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