Cosy Slippers

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The nights are dark. It’s cold and damp outside. You haven’t got to go anywhere. So on goes the lounge wear, and most importantly, the slippers.

Comfy, cosy house shoes are a wonderful luxury. Yes you can get cheep and cheerful ones from Primark or any other shop on the high street. But they never last very long and they just don’t work as well. Everyone should have a pair of proper warm slippers.

The North Face Tent Mules

I have a pair of Tent Mule Down slippers by The North Face. I bought them on the recommendation of Ashleigh, an amazing surfer (and blogged about them here back in February). I like nothing more than getting home from work, kicking off my shoes and socks, and getting these on my feet. Since I got them at the beginning of the year they have been very well worn, and while they might look a little grubby, they are still as warm and as comfy, and haven’t worn out even a little bit. I like them so much I even pack them when I go away – something I’ve never done before (am I just getting old?!).

UGG Dakota Slippers

I recently considered buying a second pair of slippers, just for a bit of variety. These UGGs caught my eye. At £79.99 they are an investment piece (as are any UGGs!) but I really fancy the idea of slipping my feet into the lovely cosy lining. I didn’t get them, I decided I would stick with my Tent Mules for now, and when they are showing signs of wear simply buy another pair.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Spartoo but I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result. 

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