Air Wick Freshmatic Aesthetics

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When we moved into our home there was a funny hook thing in the bathroom that we wondered what was for. Then Social Soup asked me to take part in the Air Wick Freshmatic Aesthetics project, and I realised – it is to hang one of these air fresheners on. Ah!

Air Wick Stainless Steel Freshmatic

The new Air Wick Freshmatic Aesthetics Range are automatic air fresheners that regularly releases a fine mist of fresh fragrance to spread throughout a room so you can enjoy fresh waves of your favourite scent right throughout the day without pushing a button. So that they fit into your room, Air Wick give them nice finishes such as stone, stainless steel and wood.

I received one of each type of finish – a large stainless steel one, a large wood one, and a small stone one. The three scents were Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Apple, Crisp Linen and Lilac, and Satin and Moon Lilly.

Air Wick Wood Freshmatic

Air Wick Wood Freshmatic

I put the wooden one in our lounge, and while the wood look does look ok (it is actually plastic made to look like wood), as it’s one of the large ones it does look quite out of place. I much prefer the smaller ones for my rooms. The large ones like this wood one and the stainless steel one are perfect for hanging in bathrooms up high where they give a burst of their air freshener regularly. The smaller ones look neater on a shelf where they are less obvious.

Air Wick Wood Freshmatic

You can adjust the frequency of the squirt of scent – I have all ours set to the minimum as I find this is plenty. The scents themselves are all very nice. The mulled wine and cinnamon apple one is rather Christmassy while the other two are simple all-year flavours. The linen one works best I think, it’s non-obtrusive but gives a room a nice fresh fragrance.  So far they’ve been in place a couple of weeks at least and are still working fine – the two batteries (supplied) should last a while and they are nowhere near needing refilling yet.

Air Wick Stainless Steel Freshmatic

Air Wick Stone Freshmatic

I’ve not had one of these automatic air fresheners before, and I do like them. The finishes could be more convincing, but they do look ok, they certainly look far better than the white plastic ones. I expect I’ll be buying the Linen scent refills as these free ones run out.

Disclaimer: I was sent some of the new Air Wick Freshmatic Aesthetics range to try out as part of Social Soup. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result of receiving these for free.

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    Hi didn’t realise you could get stainless steel holder like wooden holder where can you buy?

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