Percy Pig Fairy Cakes

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Percy pig sweets are awesome. They are possibly the best jelly sweets available at the moment. The original bright pink ones are the best – I’m not convinced by the tails or noses or yellow ones but I never complain if offered one. 

Marks and Spencer have launched a range of Percy Pig themed goodies over the last few months, and I’ve managed to resist them all. That was until I spotted a Percy Pig fairy cake making kit. I’d popped into the food bit of my local M&S for some baking powder, and spotted the pink branded packaging of this kit. Glancing at the box I saw that not only do you get Percy Pig sweets to decorate your cakes, but the butter cream is also Percy Pig flavour. So I made the inevitable purchase.

Percy Pig Fairy Cake Mix

I like a good cupcake kit. They provide a really simple way to make just a few cakes – six in this case – that will almost certainly look and taste good. Inside the box was the cake mix, icing mix, a packet of Percy Pig sweets (don’t tell anyone but there were more than the six needed to decorate the cakes!), and five pink fairy cake cases. Yes, just five. Ah. That’s ok, not the end of the world, I had some white ones in the cupboard. A bit of a counting error there but never mind.

Percy Pig Fairy Cakes

The cake batter is made by adding milk. Simples. The butter cream just needs butter and a careful mixer (does anyone ever manage to make butter cream without getting the icing sugar everywhere?!). Easy peasy. Honestly, for any non bakers out there, cupcake kits are the answer. No reason why us adults can’t partake in a bit of bakery cheatery every now and again.

Percy Pig Fairy Cakes

So there they are. And that Percy Pig flavoured butter cream is fantastic. And that’s a good job as there was as much butter cream as cake. Maybe a little too much? Nah!! I wish I had a piping bag to make them look prettier (I just spooned the stuff on top). Yes, childish, but oh so good.

I found the Percy pig kit with the baking stuff in my local M&S. I might have to get another kit in – just in case I have a cupcake baking craving without the time to do it properly.

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