How Many Dressing Gowns?

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Sometimes chatting online or via text or even on the phone isn’t enough. Sometimes friends just have to get together. So the other weekend I went to Southampton for tea. Yes that’s a 500 miles round trip, and yes that makes me just a little bit mad.

Actually I only (only!) drove as far as Grays in Essex, and my friend drove the rest of the way. See I’m not quite as crazy as you thought(!).

Anyway, following that visit I’ve been meaning to ask you a question.

How many dressing gowns do you own?

Dressing Gowns in TKMaxx

We discussed this at great length over the dinner table. I can’t even remember how the topic started. Some had just one. Some had two. Others had three (greedy!). Some seemed quite strict over which dressing gown they wear for what occasion – if slobbing about the house can be considered an “occasion”. Some confessed to being fussy over the material. Some preferred hoods. Others had oversized mens towelling gowns from Marks and Spencer. Some wear them over cosy pyjamas. Others said they wear them over nothing (oo-er missus).

I do wonder what the people at the next table thought.

So go on then. How many do you own? What materials are they? How often do you wash yours? Go on… humour me and comment below!

Oh and I should answer myself too. I have two. One white soft fleecy robe that I wear all the time, and one old blue towelling robe that LincsGeek didn’t want anymore so I claimed it for myself.

(Whether you air dry or towel dry after a shower and whether you have towels you only use on your hair are perhaps questions for another day!)

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  1. Linda Phillips

    3 – One long over-size luxurious towelling white for sloppy evenings after a bath (it’s like a big hug), one long purple everyday one with a hood and one long pink M&S one for summer/hospitals/visiting

  2. sweet_diosa

    I have 2 – one thick snuggly one for winter and thin silky one for warmer weather 🙂

  3. Veronica Addis

    I have one that I wear a lot – white towelling big with hood. I also have a short thin one for summer but don’t really seem to wear it

  4. colsyr

    Can’t believe I’m admitting to this lol ! I actually own 11 mostly big snuggly pink M&S ones that the kids get me each Christmas ( with slippers & PJ’s to match ! ) a couple of thin silky ones for holidays and my latest is a big white towelling robe which was a win from the C4 hotel comp.

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  6. XNES

    I have 5 I know of. Maybe 6?

    3 fluffy ones that come down to roughly knee level or a bit shorter (One pink with leopard print “embossed” into the material; one blue with stars and one peach one. All have hoods), plus an old maxi length one of my mum’s I use for hairdyeing (Thinner, green and white possibly a bit too long for me!).
    A sleeveless one with pockets on the front I ordered from Japan.
    Just got a cover-up strapless *dress” to wear when out of the shower, to go with a hairband I wear when doing makeup/washing my face/applying face mask what have you.

    Usually I just wear them for covering up when I can’t find clothes or if it’s excessively cold

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