Popchips Thai Sweet Chilli

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Popchips are crisps that are popped. Like corn. Not fried. Or baked. Popped. Interesting. They sent me a bag of their new Thai Sweet Chilli flavour to try in a really cute box – actually it’s the first time any crisps sent in the post have arrived really well intact.

Popchips Package


The popchips website explains:

Popping is a way of making our naturally delicious chips. We start with the finest potatoes, add a little heat and pressure, along with a little snack magic and pop! It’s a chip. Then we add naturally delicious seasoning for a snack so tasty you won’t even notice it’s (we hesitate to say) healthier. Pop open a bag and try for yourself. Everybody has a favourite.

I was intrigued, this sounded new to me, but as soon as I opened the bag and saw them I realised – they are just like the Jenny Craig crisps I’ve been eating for the last month, and very similar to those Special K Cracker Crisps I reviewed recently. That’s no bad thing, I like those, and have continued to purchase them in place of normal crisps in the interests of being good (oh I love crisps!).

Popchips Thai Sweet Chilli

Each 23g serving, which works out at a good handful of these crisps (sorry, I should be calling them “chips”), about 19 or 20, comes in at under 100 calories. Not bad at all, a nice low number for a satisfying snack or lunch box item.

Popchips Thai Sweet Chilli

There’s no oil so they’re not greasy at all, and even though you know they’re healthy they still taste really good. These Thai Sweet Chilli have a good flavour, not overly strong (very important when you work in an office and have lots of meetings to attend!) but still taste of what they’re meant to. I like them. I wonder if I’d prefer the original or sour cream and onion flavours, as I would normally pick those if given the choice.

I’d say they are pretty much on a par with the Special K Cracker Crisps, so will probably get either depending on what’s available at the time. Price wise they come in at £1.99 for an 85g sharing bag, so match with Pringles and other similar products.

Disclaimer: I was sent a bag of Popchips for free to try out, but I have not been told what to write and am always honest. 

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