Ten Experiences for 2013

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Anyone who has visited Splodz Blogz before should know I have a very long list of things I want to do – my ultimate to do list evolves sometimes daily as I discover new things that I could add, see what other people are up to, and am given new challenges.

Jetski Experience, August 2008

I often find myself browsing one of several gift experience websites. Looking through them gives me plenty of ideas for my list. These might be adrenaline fuelled, on four or two wheels, in or on the water, somewhere up in the sky, something to relax, something to learn, or something to make. There are 100s of ideas out there and really, I could add every single one to my Things To Do List.

Gift experiences also offer something different to give someone you love at Christmas – and certainly beat a Christmas sweater (although I’d quite like a Christmas sweater!) or socks (and I do need socks!). Sometimes they are expensive, but they aren’t always. Inspired by my trip to Go Ape the other weekend, I had a browse and found ten experiences (listed in no particular order) I would like to do in 2013 (if I had loads of money!)…

Hot Air Balloon Flight

This has been on my list for a really long time. I see hot air balloons in the sky and they look so graceful and elegant. They are an original form of flight and I would really love to experience taking off at the will of the gases in the balloon, the peaceful soaring over fields, and standing in the basket surveying sunrise. They’re not cheap though, it costs around £300 for a flight for two, but I bet that is worth it.

Afternoon Tea

You simply can’t beat a nice cup of tea, especially if served in beautiful china and accompanied by freshly prepared sandwiches and cakes. You can get gift experience vouchers for an afternoon tea for two in various hotels across the UK, and I know it’s something quite small really, but I love the idea. I imagine my sister and I sitting in the lounge of The Goring or somewhere equally as extravagant  sipping on tea, munching on cucumber sandwiches and macaroons, and chatting away all afternoon. Sounds bliss.

Steam Train Journey

Life is all about the journey – and I’d like to do some of mine on a steam train. I’d actually love for it to be the Orient Express but quite often that has a diesel engine which is a bit of a shame. I have just seen, though, that you can get a gift experience that allows you to drive a steam train. Yes, drive. So that is the one I’d like please! I just think putting on “company overalls” (as described in the literature) and actually getting to drive the train would definitely beat simply being a passenger!

Water Jet Pack

I saw a water jet pack featured on The Gadget Show (before the format went all weird and I stopped watching) and I immediately wanted to have a play. It went on my list straight away and thankfully you can now buy time playing with one of these things. You can soar up to 10 metres above the water as jets of water shoot from hoverboard-style boots and pads attached to your arms and feet… a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! This looks like it would be the most fun you could ever have on the water…!

Drive a Lamborghini

If I could drive any sports car (and I haven’t driven any yet) it would be a Lamborghini. I don’t know what it is, but the shape, style, sound, I want one. There is no chance of me ever having my own so a chance to thrash (sorry, drive very carefully) one around a track would be brilliant. I’m sorry to say that I don’t even mind which Lambo it is – the Aventador or Gallardo, I’m not fussy! These track experiences don’t work out at very good value though I guess – I’ve been to see friends and family do them and you get a couple of laps in quite restricted small track situations, but I still want a go.

Wacky Races

There is something about taking part in a real life wacky races that totally appeals. I’d thoroughly enjoy driving an office chair, double decker car, an 87mph sofa and a street legal bed. I bet it’s an awesome day with so many giggles and what fantastic photo opportunities!

Jewellery Making

Something I hardly get chance to do these days is be arty and crafty. The idea of making my own silver ring in a jewellery making class sounds like the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Actually I expect it’s a bit stressful trying to get the design look right, the ring to fit properly, and the silver perfectly shined, but I’d like to have a go anyway.

White Water Rafting

Another thing that’s been on my list for years and years. But you can’t do it alone can you? You have to have a bunch of willing companions to put on wetsuits and get thrown down a violent rapid in a rib. Anyone game?

Tank Driving

I like to put things on my big list that are a bit out of the ordinary. Things that I’d not do just in everyday life. Something like driving a tank definitely fits the bill. Apparently one of my relatives was first or one of the first to drive a tank across the Rhine during the war – I really should find out more about my family history – so I would be walking (driving) in the footsteps (track marks) of my ancestors!! Doesn’t it sound like fun? Oh the power!

Cowboy Riding

Sometimes these gift experiences can be a personal challenge as well as a bit of fun. This would be one of those personal challenges. You can do a cowboy riding experience which I really like the idea of, but the idea of actually getting on a horse fills me with dread. And I know horses can tell when you’re scared and can play up as a result, so it would need to be something I really threw myself into (and preferably not off of). I am sure it would be an awesome experience (even better if it was on a proper ranch), but I’m not sure I’m ready to go ahead and book it yet.

Segway Experience, April 2011

There is one thing on my list that I saw on the television a little while ago that I’ve not been able to find a way to do… anyone know how I can get to jet wash an elephant?!

You can buy experience vouchers for these from lots of companies including Buy a Gift, Red Letter Days and Virgin Experience Days along with plenty of others – always check what it costs direct with the company too as it’s sometimes cheaper.

I’d love to know what your list would include… I’m constantly looking for inspiration to expand my list!

7 Responses

  1. Shybiker

    Great list of aspirations. I hope you get to enjoy them.

    I’ve learned that many activities differ from our expectation. For example, I went up in a hot air balloon two years ago and it wasn’t what I (or you) expected. Instead of a calm, peaceful ride, taking off and landing was turbulent and scary. Much more excitement than I bargained for!

    On the other hand, I rode in a helicopter for the first time last August and it was so smooth and peaceful. Actual experience is invaluable.

  2. Veronica Addis

    I’m definitely up for the afternoon tea experience – sounds perfect… I’m not coming white water rafting with you though!

  3. Sarah

    What a brilliant list. I’m pretty much scared of anything, so can’t see myself doing any of these, but would love to read about it when you get round to doing them!

    • Splodz

      Scared of anything? You should challenge yourself to one scary thing in 2013 – it’ll be loads of fun you’ll see 🙂

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