The Land of Sometimes CD

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This is my gorgeous God daughter Jessica. She’s sat in the back of her mum and dad’s car where she’s totally concentrating on reviewing a CD for Splodz Blogz…


I received a copy of The Land of Sometimes CD to review here on Splodz Blogz and Jessica agreed to review it for me. This is a story about the magical journey or Alfie and Elise to “The Land of Sometimes” which involves a collection of eccentric characters and their original (catchy) songs. The CD introduces children to many genres of music such as Irish folk to jazz, reggae and disco.

Her mum Bec said:

The Land of Sometimes CD

This is a CD that tells a story through narration and songs. My daughter is slightly under the target age for the disk (she is 18 months rather than two), but I was interested to listen to it with her in the car and see how it went.

As a parent I found the make up of this disk really good and well balanced. The format is one track of narration followed by one track of song – the CD will capture children’s imaginations and keep their attention due to the songs and narration being interspersed. The songs themselves are really great and out of the whole disk I only found one track that I began to find slightly irritating after numerous plays, which in my opinion for a children’s CD that is amazing!

Parents and children would be able to listen to the CD over and over again.

Although my daughter is a little too young, the added features available on the CD would be great for older children. The map available online would be good for adding another dimension and drawing children in to the story and the magical world created.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this CD which I gave to my God daughter to listen to.

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