Fish Finger Sandwich Road Trip

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I’m considering a food related road trip. I think it would make a good subject for a television documentary. I would spend a couple of weeks travelling around the UK, searching for the best fish finger sandwich available.

It all started when The Tower Bar in Lincoln, where I will often go for lunch with friends, took fish finger sandwiches off their menu. It would be my “go to” dish there. It was cheap, came on buttered white bread, and was served with a good handful of tortilla chips. On arrival I would open up the sandwich  which had been cut on the diagonal, squirt on a good helping of tomato ketchup and pile on the tortilla chips. Oh so good.

Actually I am a big fan of fish finger sandwiches at home too. There is always a packet of them in the freezer. I tend to keep things simple and just bung four between two slices of wholemeal bread dolloped with plenty of ketchup. LincsGeek likes his bread toasted, he’ll spread one slice with ketchup and the other with tartare sauce. I agree his way is better, but mine is faster!!

Fish Finger Sandwich

I know there is much discussion over whether we should be eating much cod, thanks to fishing quotas and all that, but I do prefer a good fat cod fish finger over haddock or anything else. Sorry! I am not fussy though, but the fluffier the white fillets of fish are the better.

Anyway, a couple of months ago now some colleagues and I went to the Doubletree by Hilton in Lincoln to sample their fish finger sandwich. Michelle (Shellmoby) had been there already and had one, and said it was amazing. So off we went. The four of us all ordered the same, and waited patiently for them to arrive.

Fish Finger Sandwhich from the Doubletree Lincoln

It came on fluffy white bread, with salad, chips and some purple coleslaw. And it was amazing. Michelle was right. It was the best fish finger sandwich I have ever eaten. No question.

Naturally I tweeted this fact, along with the above photograph. And I got a reply, from The Griffin Inn, Irnham, who said that actually they had the best fish finger sandwich there. We asked for a photograph, and they obliged (below). It does look good doesn’t it? My colleagues and I said we’d have to drive down to sample, but since then life has been pretty busy and we’ve not had chance to go and test them at their word, but I will do, I will do it very soon, because I am intrigued!

Fish Finger Sandwhich from the Griffin, Irnham

So who’s with me? Where should I go? I should at least start at The Griffin Inn, but where then? Where does the best fish finger sandwich around you?

Maybe I should just learn to make my own fish fingers and go all gourmet at home?!

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  1. Helen T

    You need to make the trip to Nottingham and try the one at Homemade on Pelham Street. I say it’s the best, and I test it regularly to just be sure!

  2. Dan Rous (@DanRous73)

    I’ll join you on this trip Zoe!
    The hairy bikers did a fish finger sandwich in their best of British series. They made 2 types of finger – one with salmon and the other with a white fish (can’t remember what it was but sure they avoided cod)
    Also tesco used to have one in their lunch range but that too had disappeared 🙁

    Maybe 2013 should be the year of the fish finger sandwich?!

    • Splodz

      He he the year of the fish finger sandwich sounds good! I reckon I’m going to have to try and make my own, I’ll have a look on youtube for that recipe 🙂

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