White Hot Chocolate

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For me Hot Chocolate has to be of the highest quality. And it has to be made with milk. I don’t really care for instant hot chocolate at all, I do drink it because it’s a good way to get a low calorie chocolate fix (and warm up!), but I always find it disappointing in flavour and texture when it’s made with water. 

My most favouritist (yea, that’s a word, ok!) hot chocolate drink is this one by Whittards…

Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate

…the tagline “white magic, deliciously creamy, as soft as velvet” is so very true. It’s like a pot of powdered chocolate you mix with milk to create a mug of actual chocolate. Divine.

I always make mine on the hob in a milk pan – the microwave gives me all sorts of problems like the one second difference between not warm enough and boiled over everywhere. Simply heat the milk in the pan until you have it hot but not boiling, then add three (or four) spoons of the powdered chocolaty goodness and mix in. I use a whisk to make it all fluffy (if a drink can be fluffy, I’ll assume you know what I mean by that!).

Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate

Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate

Pouring from the milk pan to a mug is always fun – even with that lip designed for easy pouring I always get some over the worktop. Ah well, nothing a cloth can’t fix. No need for marshmallows or chocolate shavings or cream on this one – it’s already sweet, creamy and really chocolaty.

Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate

Then of course comes the best bit. Sitting down in a comfy chair, both hands clasped around the warm mug, sipping the chocolaty goodness little by little. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Are there any better hot chocolates out there? Actually we got given some Fudge Kitchen Drinking Fudge for Christmas so it will be very interesting to see how that compares. What other recommendations do you have?

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