Review: J2O Fridge Pack

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I am a BzzAgent and this is a Bzz Review…

J2O Fridge Pack

I was recently sent on one of the new J2O Fridge Packs to try at home. I am already a fan of J2O, I enjoy the juice drinks very much and, even though they are very sweet, they are something nice to have when I go out. I have been known to buy the packs of bottles from the supermarket to put in the fridge at home, but not very often.

J2O now comes in cans. To begin with I wasn’t really sure what the point of that was. Glass bottles give the drink some sophistication, make it a bit special, and of course look great. But when I thought about it I realised that cans are more every day, and that’s what J2O are trying to do, make this a more every day at home drink.

J2O Fridge Pack

The cardboard box is designed to go in the fridge with the cans inside, making them easily accessible without having them rolling about the place (a problem I always have when I buy the bottles – they are fine when in that cardboard sleeve, but as soon as you take one out the bottles have to all sit on the shelf taking up space and rolling about). I appreciate fridge packs, they do make the fridge more organised and mean you can reach in a grab a can easily. Each pack comes with six 250ml cans – they are the size of Red Bull cans – which means you get slightly less drink in these (275ml in the bottles); but the price of six cans is about the same as four bottles so you are getting better value here too. I expect cans are cheaper to make than glass bottles, and probably easier to recycle so the move to cans does make sense. Oh and of course with cans you don’t need a bottle opener!

J2O Fridge Pack

J2O Fridge Pack Can

Taste wise, well I have to say I do think the drink tastes a bit different. It’s strange how the container can have an effect on the flavour. It seems thinner somehow, I’m not sure. This is easily solved, though, just pour it into a glass!

J2O Fridge Pack Drink

At the moment you can get Orange and Passion Fruit and Apple and Raspberry flavours in the Fridge Pack cans in Tesco. I hope they become more widely available as I wouldn’t mind being able to get these more regularly.


Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and was asked to take part in the J2O Fridge Pack campaign, which meant I was sent some drinks to try at home in return for telling other people what I think about them. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result.

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