Review: Joseph Joseph Herb Chopper

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Not very long ago I posted about my Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot and commented how I loved a kitchen gadget that solved a problem I never really knew I had. Well this post is about a Christmas present I got, another Joseph Joseph product that has single handedly persuaded me to use fresh herbs a lot more in my cooking from now on. Nice one sister!

Joseph Joseph Herb Chopper

This is the Joseph Joseph Compact Herb Chopper; a curved chopping board and knife set that makes finely chopping herbs really easy.

First of all the knife stores inside the board, and the whole thing looks great. It’s that same plastic as the Chop 2 Pot is made out of, hard wearing and easy to clean, and it’s green too which is a bonus for me!

Joseph Joseph Herb Chopper

The two stainless steel blades rock effortlessly on the board, the curved shape of which keeps the fresh herbs where they are supposed to be (unless you have loads and loads that is, I found I am best off doing a handful at a time – more than in the picture below but not tonnes – or I end up with bits everywhere). They are sharp too, they cut through stalks and leaves with no problem. The handle is a good shape for holding, and is coated in non-slip-type plastic so it stays where you want it.

Joseph Joseph Herb Chopper

I find using a knife to chop herbs on a normal chopping board is generally a disaster. I don’t have all those fancy knife skills the chefs on telly have, and can’t get the hang of rocking the knife back and forth to create teeny bits of green. I can’t even chop an onion finely. So the fact that this provides me with a simple way of chopping herbs to the size I want them means I’ve been buying fresh herbs instead of dried for use in recipes. I’d better get those herb pots in my garden sorted out in the spring!

I do wonder how I will sharpen the blades when they come to needing it – maybe Joseph Joseph have a fancy knife sharpener that will do the job.

Actually I got a few other Joseph Joseph bits for Christmas too – someone reads my blog! I’ll write about those too after I’ve made good use of them. I definitely recommend this one.

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