Review: My Kit Kat Chunky Champion 2013

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Remember Kit Kat Chunky Champion? Well they’re doing it again… four new flavours of Kit Kat Chunky have hit our stores and we have to decide which one becomes the permanent member of the Kit Kat family.

Kit Kat Chunky Champion Gift Bag

Because I am a lucky blogger I received this gift bag in the post the other day with one each of the four contenders… here we have Choc Fudge, Coconut, Mint and Hazelnut.

Kit Kat Chunky Champion

My first impression was that the coconut one was going to end up as my favourite. I like coconut, and I love it when it’s combined with chocolate. But the others sound good too don’t they? So naturally LincsGeek and I took each in turn to see what we thought in reality…

4) Hazelnut. Quite a subtle flavour, it does have a ring of Nutella about it which isn’t very surprising. My least favourite of this year’s four, but I wouldn’t say no if I was offered one.

3) Choc Fudge. Not bad. Doesn’t taste massively different to a normal Kit Kat Chunky but it is very smooth. You can see the layer of fudge but it doesn’t make that much difference – just makes it softer in the mouth. It is nice but nothing special.

2) Mint. Who can resist mint chocolate? But for me it just wasn’t strong enough. I guess I was expecting/hoping for a layer of mint cream in there, like you used to get in a Club (if you liiiiike a lot of chocolate…). It was nice, but could have been better.

1) Coconut. I thought this would be my favourite and I wasn’t disappointed. Like all the others it is very subtle, but the coconut and chocolate with biscuit is an excellent combination. I think you can get away with subtle with coconut, it just adds something a bit different to the bar – it’s no bounty but it’s the top of the four for me.

Kit Kat Chunky Champion Contenders

So there we have it – my Kit Kat Chunky Champion 2012 is Coconut. I wonder if you all agree?!

When you’ve given them a try, cast your vote over on the Kit Kat facebook page, and soon we’ll have a new permanent member of the Kit Kat family to choose from.

Disclaimer: I was sent one of each Kit Kat Chunky Champion bar so I could choose my favourite and tell you about the promotion here on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the products for free.

  1. sriches

    You lucky lady!! KitKat Chunky is my favourite chocolate bar… I once had one that was 3/4’s chocolate with only a small section of wafer… each bite was a surprise!!

    Hard decision on that one but I expect the Hazelnut is quite nice! 🙂 Enjoy!

    Sim @ Sim’s Life xx

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