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I may have mentioned the difficulty LincsGeek and I had choosing pillows for our new bed… here’s some advice from Bedstar Direct I could have done with back in November!


Did you know that the average adult head weighs approximately ten pounds? That’s rather a lot of weight, which needs supporting during the night while we are asleep.

Much like the mattress on a bed, a pillow is not just for comfort, it is a valuable support piece to help keep our bodies comfortable and in a healthy position while we sleep.

Tempting, as it may be to buy the cut-price hollow fibre pillows that are on offer in the department store, a better idea is to try out an array of different pillows before deciding on the one to buy. Visit Bedstar direct to view a variety of pillow types to suit every taste.

A good quality pillow should keep the head aligned with the back and spine when sleeping on the back. However, not many people do fall asleep flat on their back, so a pillow needs to be chosen that works best for the position an individual sleeps in.

Sleeping on the side requires a firm pillow, which supports both the head and neck whilst those who sleep on their stomach will need a softer pillow that eases any strain on the neck.

There are various filling for pillows. Hollow fibre are the most common, as they help a pillow bounce back into shape after they have been slept on and they are also inexpensive.

Down is a luxurious and more expensive pillow filling, these pillows are long lasting and hardwearing and make for a lighter firmness.

Feathers are stiffer than down and so are used to make a firmer pillow. Look out for a pillows description as feather-down or down-feather. Feather down means there are more feathers than down in the pillow, and down-feather means the exact opposite.

Cotton fibre fillings are mostly hypoallergenic which make them the smart choice for allergy sufferers. The filling can become compacted over time as do polyester filled pillows.

Finally memory foam pillows offer firm support, these can be a little too hard for some, so as with all pillows, testing the many different types available will be the sure fire way to ensure the correct pillow is purchased.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest post provided by Bedstar Direct on a subject I chose (because choosing pillows does my head in!!).

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