Review: Avalanche Ski Sock by Incredisocks

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I was offered a pair of socks by Incredisocks to take to Finland with me. The email said… “high-tech socks that guarantee to keep your feet warm and are soooo comfortable!”. So naturally I had to give them a try.

The packaging said that these are “proven to increase foot temperature by 3.2C in 5 minutes. The world’s best thermo-regulating ski sock. With carbonised charcoal and germanium anion technology for increased blood flow, moisture wicking, odour elimination, improved comfort.”

Avalanche Ski Sock by Incredisocks

Avalanche Ski Sock by Incredisocks

Avalanche Ski Sock by Incredisocks

I was worried about these socks. I’ve said before on Splodz Blogz that my legs are larger than average. I have problems with boots fitting so if these socks used their tightness as an aid to keep your feet warm then would they even pull up? Oh how I wish my legs were smaller. Not shorter you understand, narrower.

Thankfully they did fit. They had enough stretch in them to go over my lovely legs. Phew. They came up just over half way up my calf muscles, and were very comfortable.

The claim that these would be the warmest socks ever was quite a significant considering I was planning on taking these to Ruka in Finland for testing. They’d need to be good. On the morning I put these on the thermometer on the apartment balcony said -16, and it went down from there. My toes had been fine the previous day (-12) in my Trespass socks.

Off we went for a days skiing. And thankfully my toes were happy all day. I did get a little cold towards the end of the day on the lifts, but it wasn’t so bad that my feet hurt as they warmed up or anything (they did towards the end of the week!!) – by the time I’d skied a couple of turns my toes were toasty again. As far as ski socks go I’d say there as good if not better than the best ones I own, they are obviously designed well.

The shape of the socks is good too. When skiing you need your socks to give you protection and padding in the right places – those ski boots can be torture devices otherwise. You can see on the photos below how the different areas of the socks sit on my feet and legs, and these did the trick.

Incredisocks Modelled by Me

Incredisocks Modelled by Me

I do wonder based on my experience with hiking socks that a decent pair of merino wool socks might be warmer, but these are good. For £19.95 they are worth the money – I just wish I’d saved these for the following day when the thermometer said -22 at around 2pm and in the evening it was -28 when we were on our snowmobile ride, that would have been an extreme test!

Disclaimer: I was sent these socks to review when I went to Finland. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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