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The problem with our hobbies being walking, motorcycling and skiing is that we often end up with a line of boots by the back door drying or airing out. Stinky damp boots. Yuk!

I came across Stuffits at the end of last year and just had to try them out. The company was very kind and sent me a set for my boots and one for my helmet.

The shoe savers have very recently been launched in the UK. Here’s the marketing info…

  • Dual-wick fabric combined with natural cedar inserts quickly and effectively protect shoes from moisture and odour
  • Soft, lightweight, foot-shaped form fits easily into all types of shoes
  • 100% natural cedar means no chemicals, sprays, or powders touch shoes or feet
  • Convenient carry straps keeps dry and fresh-smelling shoes together wherever you go
  • Reusable over and over again!

Stuffits for Boots

Since I had these they have pretty much lived in my hiking boots or snow boots (these seem to be the footwear I’ve used outdoors). The medium size fits perfectly – snug but without stretching – into my size 7 shoes.

Stuffits for Boots

Stuffits for Boots in my Boots

Stuffits for Boots in my Boots

I am impressed with the way the Stuffits not only help to dry out my shoes from the inside (which is the bit that takes the longest if they’ve got very wet) but also works to reduce any odour that might have developed after several hours walking. I also like the way the shoe Stuffits can be joined together using the strap, so I can put them in my boots and hang them up, again helping them to dry out and air.

I was even more impressed that when putting these into soaking wet shoes, after leaving them overnight my shoes were dry and there was no trace of any musty damp smell that often lingers, especially in trainers. These nice looking cedar filled shoe savers are my new friends after a long walk for sure!

Stuffits for Helmets

As for the helmet one I can see where the name came from – Stuffits! I can ram it into my extra small Arai Condor just about (it fits into LincsGeek’s medium sized Caberg much easier), and while I wouldn’t store my helmet like that as I wouldn’t want to affect the shape of the foam interior (and therefore perhaps the fit), I am happy to leave it in there for a few hours to do its work. There is honestly nothing worse than a very sweaty motorcycle helmet, and I will absolutely be taking this simple accessory on the Graham Homes Memorial Ride later in the year.

Stuffits for Helmets in my Lid

Stuffits for Helmets in my Lid

I have found Stuffits true to their word. They help to dry out shoes and helmets, do their work on any odours, are easy to use and can be used many times over – a few months after receiving my samples they are still working just as well as they did when they arrived. A brilliant idea.

It was a shame I couldn’t fit these in my suitcase when we went skiing as we really could have done with both types while we were away!

Disclaimer: I was sent Stuffits to review. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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