Review: Greeper Laces

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A short while ago I tested and reviewed a pair of Salomon trainers that had a new-to-me lacing system which locked shut and didn’t budge, keeping the trainers securely on my feet without any worry. 

Greeper Laces have a similar look about them, and come with the tagline “once applied, always tied”. They are replacement laces for sports and other shoes that will never come undone – perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to stop, bend down and re-tie laces at any time.

Greeper Laces

These standard oval laces (available in a range of nice bright colours so you can pick something that doesn’t clash with your shoes quite like mine!) sit in a ready-tied nice neat bow. To loosen them you pull the tab down towards your toes, to tighten them you pull the loops as you would a normal bow.

Greeper Laces on my Nikes

Unusually, you ‘install’ these laces upside down – that is, from the top of your trainers down to the bottom. You end up with two ends which you tie (the knot is under the plastic cover at the bottom) together, ending up with laces that can be done up really quickly and then stay like that until you choose to loosen them. Completely perfect for anyone competing in a triathlon where the transitions can be equally as important as performance in the three disciplines, they are designed for anyone who wants a locking lace system that uses traditional laces rather than elastic ones.

Greeper Laces on my Nikes

These do indeed work. The laces stay put. And despite the clashing blue and green I reckon they look great too.

Disclaimer: I was sent these laces to review. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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