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I have been challenged by SIGG to ditch the plastic this February – more specifically, to stop buying single use plastic bottles for one month.

The fact is that in the UK we just don’t need to buy bottled water. We have clean running water in our homes, in our offices, in our schools, in our high streets. Bottled water is expensive and creates a lot of waste – tap water plus a reusable bottle is a much cheaper and environmentally friendly way to drink.

Glass of Water

To help they have sent me one of their reusable bottles to use. It’s a 750ml “Active Top Performance Bottle” that has a special drinking system – ok, it’s a straw with a valve on the top. The stainless steel construction keeps drinks cool and fresh, and this particular bottle is suitable for still or carbonated drinks. I’ll review the bottle properly at the end of the month, but so far so good.

SIGG Active Top Performance Bottle

I’ve been using my SIGG bottle when I’m exercising, in the car, in the office and when I’m out and about. I fill it up with water from the tap or our Britta water filter when at home, or from the water cooler at work (which is plumbed into the water supply, it doesn’t use bottled water). I have no intention of buying any bottles of water this month, and so far so good.

To be fair I already try to use glasses or reusable bottles for my water consumption where possible; we don’t buy bottled water for drinking at home and I don’t need to buy it when at work. But we do often buy it when travelling in the car or when we’re out for the day – I must be more organised and make sure I fill up a reusable bottle or two before we go.

Squash and Coke

I do spend each week on other single use bottled drinks though – Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Lilt, and so on. I will more than happily buy these when I’m out and about or at work and don’t even think about them being the same plastic as bottled water comes in. I should stop buying all 500ml bottles and use either my SIGG bottle or my glass for my soft drinks.

And this of course opens other questions. The challenge is about single use bottles. As opposed to reusable ones. Does ditching the plastic also include cordials? Does it include large 2l bottles of fizzy drinks? I’m not sure how far to take this yet. I wouldn’t want to give up flavoured drinks completely, that would make February very boring. I think it’s ok to buy large bottles, even if they are plastic – I think SIGG are encouraging me to use my bottle instead of buying water, which is readily available out of a tap. That’s how I’m going to understand it anyway. Agreed?

Do you buy bottled water regularly? What about 500ml bottles of Coke? Would you consider ditching the plastic to save money and the environment?

Disclaimer: SIGG selected me to ditch single use plastic bottles and replace with SIGG bottles to help drive their online social media activity.

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