Weight Watchers: Carefree Eating and Special Occasions

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I’m told that sometimes we all need a break. Whether it’s from work, from chores, from exercise, from anything and everything. Well this week, it is fair to say, I have taken a break from Weight Watchers. For various reasons on Wednesday I ate and ate and ate and ate. Then on Thursday I was hungry (probably because I’d eaten so much on Wednesday) so I ate like a pig again. Friday was, well, Friday, and included a plethora of treats including a Starbucks Caramel Cream Frappuccino (the photo of which sums up the week). And Saturday and Sunday I was away visiting friends and thoroughly enjoyed the bacon and cheese bagel, doughnut, Chinese takeaway, roast duck and baked potato, shortbread biscuits, rocky road, and pancakes. Yummy. I haven’t counted Pro Points since Wednesday morning. I stopped caring what I was eating. I’ve eaten proper meals, and vegetables, but I’ve snacked and gorged on other goodies too. I’ve just eaten what I’ve fancied. And then some.

Starbucks Caramel Cream Frap

I have still exercised. Which helps a bit. I’ve done my 30 Day Shred DVD five days out of seven and have been fairly active apart from that. I might be a lazy bum at times and have felt a bit apathetic towards many things this week, but I haven’t sat still, I’ve been moving around. I’ve just eaten a lot. I was fully expecting a gain when I weighed in this morning. I knew I deserved a gain. So the fact I have stayed the same is very surprising.

At the start of a new week I should start caring again. I got up yesterday (Monday is the last day of my Weight Watchers week), did my DVD, ate a couple of Weetabix for breakfast, popped a yoghurt and some fruit in my bag and went to work. At lunch time I walked to Morrisons and got a few bits including some much needed fruit and vegetables. I had a wrap for lunch (no photo as I wolfed that down way too quick) and some baked salmon and Mediterranean style vegetables for dinner. I had a bit of fruit and nut toblerone to use up my daily points, but I’ve not touched my weekly or activity points – not that I know how many I’ve got left because I’ve not been counting the rest of the week. So I’m back on it. Honest. There will be another 1lb off come next Tuesday. I hope.

This week blog ambassadors have been challenged to discuss how to stay on track on special occasions. This is centred around it being Valentines Day this week, but also includes birthdays, Christmas, Easter, dinner parties, lunch dates, and other such occasions.

I’m probably the wrong person to give advice on this. Especially this week when I have been particularly carefree about my eating. But I say if you’re going out for dinner for a celebration or a special occasion, and assuming you don’t go out every night of the week, then go and enjoy yourself. Make the most of the money you spend on a meal at a restaurant and the time you are spending with friends or family. If you fancy chips, eat them. If you fancy a desert, have one. Just don’t make a habit of it every day.

There are, of course, ways you could help yourself. On Weight Watchers you are given weekly points – 49 of them – that you can use for a treat such as a meal out or a takeaway. You can also earn activity points to top those up if you are planning on being particularly gluttonous. Plan ahead and use your points how you like.

The problems come, of course, when there is more than one of these “special occasions” in a week. Then it’s time to try and make better menu choices, perhaps; go for some nice fish, choose dishes with vegetables rather than chips, just have a main course, drink water with your meal. I think we all know how to be sensible and what the right choices are when we think about it. Don’t let dieting make an evening at a restaurant a miserable one.

All I can say is… bring on the pancakes tonight!

Disclaimer: I have been invited to be a Weight Watchers Blog Ambassador and have written this post with that hat on.

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