Review: Welch’s Grape Juice Drinks

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Welch’s have launched three new Grape juice drinks this year, and they have sent me a couple of them to try out – White Grape and Raspberry and Rose Grape Light.

Welch's Grape Juice Drinks

These long life juices start as 100% grape juice made with Concord grapes which have a bright colour and natural antioxidants, and have no added sugar, colour or flavouring. They are designed to drink straight from the carton (once chilled) or as the base for a cocktail or punch.

We really enjoyed the White Grape and Raspberry juice. It had a good flavour and a lovely sweetness. It was great to drink with a meal – I think it was lasagne (home made using proper beef!) we ate with it and we both commented it was a good meal-time accompaniment. I’m a big fan of raspberry in drinks, and it works very well with the grape.

Welch's White Grape and Raspberry Drink

The Rose Grape Light was a little disappointing. It might contain half the sugar and carbohydrates of some other Welch’s drinks, but it didn’t really taste of much to us either – it was too subtle for our liking.

Welch's Grape Juice Carton

I think I’ll give an honourable mention to the carton design here – mine arrived a bit squished courtesy of the postman but I think you can see that the plastic spout on the top is at a slight angle. It’s really simple to use, there were no dribbles and it poured at an easy angle. I know it has plastic on it so it’s not quite as environmentally friendly, but it’s so much easier than cartons where you have to rip off the corner to use them.

I would definitely buy the White Grape and Raspberry one again, but I’ll leave the Rose at the shops.

Disclaimer: I was sent some Welch’s juices to try out and review here on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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