Review: Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Toothpaste

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This year I have promised I will be true to myself. Part of that is trying to look after myself better, to find things that help me feel happier about myself and the way I look. One thing that has always been an issue for me is my teeth… unfortunately a lack of enamel on my adult teeth and a love for tea has always meant I have quite yellowed teeth.

Beverly Hills Formula claim to be the best toothpaste brand at removing stains from your teeth, offering a brighter smile. I was sent a tube of their Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive Formula to try out to see if I found my teeth ended up whiter. I took the Perfect White and LincsGeek took the Sensitive version to try for a couple of weeks.

Beverley Hills Formula Perfect White Toothpaste

The list of ingredients and their properties is complicated – toothpaste is technical these days – but Beverly Hills Formula claim to be able to whiten your teeth while protecting them while also tackling bad breath, tartar build-up and plaque formation. You can use the toothpaste normally, or for better results rub a little onto your teeth and leave it for a short while before brushing.

I found the Perfect White toothpaste to be minty and quite effective. I would say, although I am no scientist and this wasn’t a true experiment, that my teeth are whiter are a couple of weeks of using this twice a day. I found my teeth and mouth felt very clean, and I was happy with the results.

Beverley Hills Formula Perfect White Toothpaste

LincsGeek said he didn’t find the Perfect White Sensitive as minty as he would like, but that it does seem to work well. To start with he found the sensitive properties to be as good as his usual toothpaste, but said it doesn’t last as well as Sensodyne, so ended up using that a couple of times a week to help with his sensitivity.

One thing we both found was the incredible amount of foaming you get from this toothpaste. We use electric toothbrushes and there is just so much foam – this is probably partly what helps clean your mouth out, but it’s so very much! There is less with a manual toothbrush but still a lot more than we are used to.

Has it helped me feel better about my smile? Yes I guess it has. Will I buy another tube of the Perfect White when this has run out? Yes actually I think I will, although I’m not 100% convinced yet. I will have to do some more research into the cleaning properties of this versus my usual Oral B Pro Expert. I’ll let you know.

Disclaimer: I was sent a couple of tubes of this toothpaste so I could write a review on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.

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  1. Tmlass

    Like all the other whitening toothapste’s claiming to whiten teeth, the beverly hills formula sensitive white was no exeption other than just another total waste of money to me.

    I have been using this for weeks with no results whatsoever.

    It did nothing that a shop bought brand 50p toothpaste could do, so my advice is save your money and just buy the cheapest.

  2. Ste

    My husband’s teeth are rather stained and i think he has tried every whitening toothpaste ever invented and as yet not one of them has changed the colour of his teeth.

    He recently tried the beverly hills perfect white, he followed the directions for a month and again has had no change to the colour of his teeth.

    I think it’s now time to stop spending money on these expensive toothaste’s and stick to cheap ones as it seems no different.

  3. Sophie85

    nice post 🙂 I have been using whitening pen from stella white and I have to say you have to try it out! It’s really good for quick fixes 🙂

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