The Perfect Vibe in Ibiza

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of top quality holiday resorts dotted around the world, and each of them has its own unique characteristics to offer the visiting tourist. Thanks to this diversity, it’s possible for anyone to find the ideal location to suit their needs, from secluded coves and private beaches to impressive sports facilities and theme parks.

Sol Ibiza Hotel (Photo from Jet2Holidays)

Grand Palladium Palace (Photo from Jet2Holidays)

Hotel Brisa (Photo from Jet2Holidays)

But if you happen to be on the lookout for a place where the party never stops, and where you can let your hair down and enjoy a wonderfully exciting atmosphere, the island of Ibiza surely has everything you’re ever likely to want. Here, you can dance till you drop all through the night and relax amid tranquil surroundings during the day.

A Large Choice of Places to Stay

The truth is that San Antonio is like any other main street in a holiday town during the earlier part of the evening, making it suitable for most visitors. It’s only later on when the place comes to life on a grander scale, and from that moment right through to morning it’s as lively, raucous and exciting as anywhere in Europe.In the centre of San Antonio, there is a huge choice of lively bars and clubs that are perfect for those who want to really let go, but there is a popular misconception about the region that suggests it isn’t going to suit those who simply want to enjoy a pleasant meal and a few drinks before returning to their hotels.

Three hotels that are ideal to enjoy all of this are the Sol Ibiza Hotel, the Fiesta Palladium Palace and Hotel Brisa. They are all ideal for the quintessential Ibiza holiday – compromising of comfort and convenience.

A Chilled Atmosphere

The secret of any great holiday isn’t usually the entertainment, although of course it helps to make is a special occasion. The most important factor has to be the accommodation.

The local hotel owners know that the majority of guests like a quiet afternoon in order to recover from the previous night and of course to prepare for the next one. That’s why there is always a chilled atmosphere around the swimming pools, as well as plenty of secluded areas in and around the hotels themselves, so visitors can get as much peace and quiet as they need. And with offering cheap flight to the Balearics nowadays, anyone can come and join in the fun.

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