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The Big Blog Exchange is an exciting, unique and exclusive project that has never before been explored. Sixteen passionate bloggers will swap lives, blogs, cultures and places simultaneously in real life for ten days.

Between 7th June and 17th June, selected bloggers will have the opportunity to live and learn in a different place, immersing themselves in local culture whilst blogging on their exchange partners blog.

Bloggers will be provided with an itinerary full of experiences and activities to participate in during their stay. However, what you write about and how you choose to record the experience is completely up to you!

Looking over Buckstones Edge, Marsden Moor (that hail hurt my face!)

Sounds like fun! So I’ve signed up…

Should I get chosen, another blogger would come to the UK and I would give them my blog for ten days… you’d read their posts on here. At the same time I would visit their country, explore it, try things, meet people, and blog on their blog. Regular readers of Splodz Blogz will know that I am always looking for a new challenge, something new to try, a new adventure; this seems like something that would give me loads of new experiences, and be something I would remember for ever.

My Motivation…

In order to register in The Big Blog Exchange and be in with a chance of being one of the 16, I had to write a short piece explaining why I wanted in:

Life is all about the journey. The challenge is to make the most of each day, to spend time learning, experiencing, trying.

I don’t believe that life, my life, is about being the best at everything – I enjoy too many things for that to be possible. But it is about exploring the world around me, learning and developing as a person, trying to make a difference in little and big ways, being inspired and inspiring others, setting challenges and achieving goals, and taking opportunities I’m given to try new things.

The Big Blog Exchange would be an extraordinary thing to take part in. It would allow me the opportunity to do something incredible, to immerse myself in another place and to do exactly what I want in life – to learn, to experience, to try. I once wrote that I was too old and sensible for adventure; but I know that I am happiest when living in the moment and doing unforgettable things, and when I am reminded of them.

Can you imagine?! It’s the stuff of dreams. It would take me away from everyday life and provide a totally unforgettable experience that I could share with the world through my blog. Life is all about the journey, and this would be a pretty awesome journey to go on.

This is a Vote for Me Competition…

If you think that I would make a worthy participant in The Big Blog Exchange, and if you think you’d enjoy reading about my experiences while exploring another country and those of my exchange partner, then I’d really appreciate a vote. I am well aware that vote for me competitions are fraught with potential issues, but hey, if I didn’t try I’d never know if this adventure was meant for me.

London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer

Hostelling International are looking for just 16 bloggers from across the world so I know it’s unlikely, but it’s gotta be worth a try. After all, I’ve learnt that opportunities like this don’t come along very often, and when they do you have to grab them. I’ve had awesome experiences thanks to someone taking a punt on my behalf in the past – I’ll never forget being a torchbearer – so this time I thought I’d take a punt on myself. This is me giving something adventurous a fighting chance. Because I felt like it.

Here’s the link you need… go vote (please!), and tell everyone!

Vote for Splodz Blogz in The Big Blog Exchange

Oh, and if you’re a blogger and think “I want some of that” then go to The Big Blog Exchange website and register yourself… Your blog can be on any topic and you can be from anywhere in the world. I would love to know if you’ve registered after reading my blog (comment below) – I might even vote for you!

I was featured on The Big Blog Exchange blog as they like my motivation, which is very nice >> Motivations We Love!

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