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As you will no doubt be aware, Google Reader is going to be switched off in a couple of months time. As a blogger who has been encouraging you all to add me to your reader, citing Google Reader as the one I like to use, I find this a real shame.

Follow on Bloglovin

I’ve been doing some investigation on the alternatives and there are several, and no doubt there will be loads more released over the next few weeks.

One such alternative for people who like to read blogs is bloglovin.

Actually the whole point of this particular post is so that I can claim my blog over on bloglovin, but it also gives me a chance to tell you I’m there. I can see that seven of you follow me there already, which is nice to know. Who else uses it? How do you find it as a reader?

Follow on Bloglovin

Anyway, it’d be grand if you would Follow my blog with Bloglovin – cheers!

Feel free to let me know your favourite reader and I’ll go and investigate that too!

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  1. Emma T

    I just use WordPress as that’s where my blog is. Should really use Bloglovin’ more, especially as everyone now seems to be moving over there. Will likely take me ages to transfer all my followed blogs over though.

    • Splodz

      The wordpress follow thing is great actually, I used it when my blog was on wordpress.com and got on with it really well. When I moved to wordpress.org I discovered google reader then. I can recommend readers as you can categorise blogs and keep things really organised. I know you can import google reader feeds to Bloglovin so you might be able to from wordpress too, not sure, worth looking.

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