Review & Giveaway: New Kelloggs Cereals

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A while ago I said you’d be getting three breakfast cereal posts in quick succession. That was a month ago now. Oops. Anyway, here’s the second!

Kelloggs have introduced four new cereals with lower sugar to give us a good balanced start to the day. Aimed at children (and considered healthy enough to be advertised on children’s telly), they are made with wholegrain, are high in fibre, and are a good source of Vitamin D. The range includes new Coco Pops Croc Prints, Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes Strawberry, Honey Loops and Honey Pops.

Kelloggs Kids' Cereals

Kelloggs Kids' Cereals

I might not have children but I do enjoy a bowl of cereal (at any time of the day!) and so Kelloggs sent me a box of each of the new range to try. I’ve been singing this ever since they arrived…

Well ok they’re not honey NUT loops – just miss that bit out – but they are really tasty. Both the loops and the Honey Pops have a nice sweet-with-honey flavour. Between these two similar cereals the loops are easier to eat – softer in texture – but the pops last longer in the milk without going soggy.

Kelloggs Kids' Cereals - Honey Loops

The Coco Pops Croc Prints were lovely. Just like Coco Pops in taste, turning the milk suitably chocolaty, these were just as I’d hoped they’d be. And if they’re better for me than traditional Coco Pops then I’m happy.

It was the Strawberry Rice Krispie Shapes I was most concerned about. I mean I love (love love) Coco Pops but I wasn’t at all sure about a Strawberry flavoured cereal. And to be honest I’m still not. I think they’re designed to be to strawberry what Coco Pops are to chocolate, but for me it doesn’t work so well. The thing that puts me off them is they go grey – food just shouldn’t be grey.

Kelloggs Kids' Cereals - Rice Krispie Shapes Strawberry


You don’t have to take my thoughts on the new Kelloggs breafast cereals for granted as I have one of each of the new range to give away to one of my readers.

Kelloggs Kids' Cereals

One winner will receive a box each of Coco Pops Croc Prints, Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes Strawberry, Honey Loops and Honey Pops.

That should keep you going for a few days!

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is comment on this post with the answer to this question, making sure you leave an email address or twitter name so I can contact you if you win:

My favourite time to eat breakfast cereal is… ?


I will leave the giveaway open for a week so you have until next Sunday 7th April to enter. Make sure you give the rules below a read through, and tell your friends and family to enter too.

Good luck!

The Rules

  • This competition is open to UK residents only.
  • You must be aged 18 years old or over at the time of entry.
  • The competition closes at 8pm on Sunday 7th April 2013.
  • Entry is by making a relevant comment answering the given question.
  • Entrants must include a valid email address or a twitter ID in the box provided (will not be published). This is so I can contact you if you win.
  • You can only enter once. If you post more than one comment only your first will count as entry into the competition.
  • Members of my immediate family cannot enter (sorry!).
  • The winners will be picked at random from all eligible entries and be announced on Splodz Blogz soon after the closing date.
  • The prize is some cereal from Kelloggs.
  • The winners must respond to their email from Splodz Blogz within two days or I reserve the right to re-draw.
  • Your details will only be used for the purpose of this competition. The prize will be sent directly by Kelloggs.
  • You don’t get any extra entries for tweeting or posting about this competition anywhere, but I don’t mind if you do (go on… you know you want to!).
  • Oh… and my decision is final (I like saying that!).

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Disclaimer: I was sent a some Kelloggs cereal so I could tell you about them (and run a giveaway too). I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

118 Responses

  1. olivia280177

    It is mid morning, I don’t enjoy food until around 10am at the earliest!!!

  2. Steph Armstrong

    Anytime – Cereal always helps fill those hunger pangs!

  3. Michelle

    When I want something to eat but not a “proper meal” – just something to fill the gap and that’s when cereal really comes into it’s own 🙂

  4. Zoe Howarth

    In the morning mostly and on the odd occasion in the evening if I have a craving!!

  5. sonya horton

    My favorite time to eat cereal is anytime of the day cus i can 😛

  6. Stacey Wardle

    I like to eat it in the mornings when I have the time, though sometimes if I’m in a rush I’ll have a bowl later for tea instead.

  7. Amanda Hurst

    Any time of day, all day…….I fill my pockets with the not so sticky cereal and eat it all day as a healthy snack……I would of had chocolate or crisps before I started doing this. 🙂

  8. Ann Weir

    first thing in the morning! Cant leave the house without breakfast! And also in front of the tv in the evenings with a bowl of dry cereal 🙂

  9. Ann Mckenna

    Great for breakfast or in the evening before going to bed. In fact, any time I need a snack, cereal is so tasty and it fills me up.

  10. sarah birkett

    cereal is great for a midmorning late breakfast but also for a quick snack, when I work a late late shift

  11. Rachael G

    I really like cereal for lunch – especially if it’s an especially indulgent cereal!

  12. Rebecca S

    I will pretty much eat cereal at anytime. But my favourite time is in the morning, nice and soggy. Yum!

  13. justine meyer


  14. Gary Topley

    Being honest I should eat more but when I do its usually 10:30am-11am something like that x

  15. Em

    Lovely prize thankyou 🙂

    Mornings mostly for me, unless I’ve gotten back really late and I just want something quick before I go to bed

  16. Rebekah Powley

    In the evening as a snack after tea, but any time is acceptable for cereal in my eyes!

  17. Leanne Lunn

    It used to be in the evenings but since I started eating healthier it is in the morning.

  18. Cyndi Johnson

    Anytime… I generally eat cereal for breakfast and other meals because it’s quick to prepare.

  19. Charley Foulds

    in the morning before work to give me a bit of a boost!

  20. christina brown

    Definitely around midnight when I get hungry and need a midnight snack 😀

  21. hannah welsh

    Coco Pops! I will never grow out of them, in fact the older I get the more I love them!



  22. Julie

    My favourite time to eat breakfast cereal is Coco Pops

  23. Katrina Winn

    My favourite time to eat breakfast cereal is late at night with ice cold milk Mmmmmm

  24. Rebecca Townsend

    Night time, while sitting on the sofa watching some sort of trashy tv.

  25. Lisa Wilkinson

    About half an hour I wake up my stomach wakes up and then I need to eat, eat, eat!!

  26. Alicia Roberts

    I’m the kind of person who things it’s a bit wrong to eat them at any time other than breakfast!

  27. ClairejB

    Either for breakfast with skimmed milk…or as a late night snack! 🙂

  28. Kathryn S

    Really early in the morning, it is the only thing I can stomach then

  29. strawberrisc

    As soon as I get in from work because my kids eat then but my other half isn’t home until late and so it bridges the gap for me !

  30. Joanne

    Anytime of day – my favourite is probably around 9pm though

  31. Alexandra McGahey

    My favourite time to eat breakfast cereal is in the morning, about half an hour or so after I’ve got up (usually about 7am).

    Twitter ID: @lexiemac_89

  32. Claire SLATER

    My favourite time to eat breakfast cereal is when i get home from work after a late shift it makes a great supper

  33. hayley f

    My favourite time to eat breakfast cereal is in the morning x

  34. Fran Light

    Last thing before bedtime – especially after a night out on the town!

  35. Emily J Nelson

    For lunch 🙂 I always miss breakfast, Im way too busy in the morning sorting my two little one’s out.. But they have cereal =) <3 xx

  36. Lauren Andrews

    At breakfast time! and if It’s one of those days where I just can’t get out of bed for an extra 10, 20….ahem… 30 mins, then I may just have to take my cereal to work! 😉

  37. Angela Glynn

    Last thing before bed when I get the munchies, and then it’s the kid’s cereal that I raid, not my Special K1!!

  38. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    At Breakfast time – nothing like putting a smile on your plate first thing in the morning! Noodlenumpty on Twitter

  39. Tammy Tudor

    breakfast time in the mroning or sometimes a nice bowl of cereal is nice as supper weird but yummy!

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