An Easter Message

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I noticed yesterday that we were inundated with Easter messages. I can understand the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope giving us some words to live by, but even David Cameron had one. I might be a day late but I thought I’d share something thoughtful with you.

Sunset over Lincolnshire on Easter Sunday

Yesterday I was reminded, again, that life is all about the journey. It’s great to have something to aim for, an aim, a purpose; but we must remember that what we do now also matters.

I took the sunset snap above out of the car window yesterday evening. The sky looked awesome as we travelled home, the end of one day and the promise of another. As I sat in the car watching the sun disappear I made plans in my head of what I was going to do with my Bank Holiday Monday; I decided to do something with my free day off so I didn’t get to the end of the day and feel that I had wasted it. I might not make much progress towards my big dreams within the next 24 hours, but I can make the most of the hours I am given and spend them smiling.

A journey consists of every single step. It also includes every word that you utter and every person you speak to. It is affected by the attitude you chose to have when you wake up each morning. A journey involves not only every mile you travel, but also every minute you sit still; resting is vital if we are to get where we want to go in one piece, but we cannot risk going backwards or missing our next connection. A journey takes great planning and preparation, but can also be spontaneous.

Life is all about the journey. Where are you going? How are you getting there?

Safe travels.

Oh – and here’s one of my “Easter” bunnies for good measure!

Chocolate Easter Bunny!

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