Review: New Rachel’s Organic Yogurts

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Blog deliveries always bring a smile to my face. Last week, though, I had a blog delivery that caused great hilarity in the office at work. A courier came in early one morning with a delivery for me, announcing “I have a yogurt delivery for Zoe”. Naturally that caused some laughter… I can’t imagine why!

Rachel’s sent me a selection of their new organic yogurts to try. There was a plentiful supply, so I filled the fridge at work and put the word out that everyone needed to help me eat it. I managed to sneak away a couple of pots of each flavour so I could take photos, but the rest went in no time and I was provided with lots of comments to help me write this post.

Limited Edition Low Fat Lemon and Ginger

Rachel's Organic Low Fat Lemon and Ginger

The Lemon and Ginger had a nice but very subtle flavour. One colleague commented they could easily mistake it for natural yoghurt – but I think it’s a bit warmer than that. The lemon was there all the time in the background along with a little heat from the ginger; nothing very strong or punchy but quite lovely. It worked best as an accompaniment with fruit or cereal or something like that; it brought out the flavour of the fruit and added something a bit different to breakfast cereal or deserts. I liken it to adding lemon juice when cooking – it is an excellent ingredient to add some sharpness and bring out the flavour of other ingredients. That is what this yoghurt does. An alternative to cream with cake, plain yoghurt on cereal, or ice cream on fruit. But it’s not a flavour that I or my colleagues would buy to eat on its own.

Rachel's Organic Low Fat Lemon and Ginger

Special Edition Low Fat Raspberry Rapture

Rachel's Organic Low Fat Raspberry Rapture

The red berry yogurts are much fuller in flavour. With fruity bits in them they make a very nice addition to a packed lunch. My colleagues preferred the Raspberry and Blueberry one over the Raspberry and Cranberry but we all agreed that these were very tasty. They are creamy but with a sharpness and sweetness that suppressed the sweet tooth cravings we all get after lunch, without being overly pungent. The only down-side was the usual thing with raspberry seeds getting stuck in your teeth but you get that with all similar flavoured yogurts. One colleague commented that she didn’t like the pot – she couldn’t get every last bit of the yogurt out as her spoon couldn’t get into the corners. I agree, it’s annoying when you can’t get every last bit out as it seems a waste, my spoons at home seemed to match up with the pots ok, but the ones at work were the wrong shape.

Rachel's Organic Low Fat Raspberry Rapture

Thanks Rachel’s for sending me these yogurts to try out – it was a pleasure. They are available in all the usual places.

Disclaimer: I was sent some yogurts so I could try them and write about them here. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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