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I discovered the other evening that I have forgotten, completely lost the ability, to walk in high heels. I wore some old faithful black courts out for a meal with friends, and by the time I’d walked from my car to the pub where we all met my feet were killing me. I was very sad. Okay so I’ve not worn heels this high for months and months, but these were comfortable shoes I’d worn all day in the past, they’re not even that high anyway, so I didn’t expect to hurt after just a few hundred metres.

Old Faithful Black Court Shoes by Faith

I see two shoes options open to me. One is wear high court shoes lots more to get my ability back again. The other is give up and buy some nice flat shoes to wear out. I’m not completely sure which to go with yet… but it was a great excuse to browse the flat shoes category on the Spartoo website! What do you think to these options?

Bronx Silver Flat Shoes

These Bronx silver flats have lovely sparkly stars and dots which would make them the perfect finishing touch to lots of different outfits. And silver goes with pretty much anything.

Ash Ballerina Slipper

This ballerina slipper from Ash is unusual – I love the cut out design, with the studs that continue to be a trend. Certainly more interesting than a plain flat shoe.

Pataugas Mary Jane Flat

These red Pataugas shoes with strap are oh so cute – especially with the decorated toe. A Mary Jane will be a comfortable shoe for all day but this model would also brighten up your feet for an evening out eating at your favourite pizza parlour.

Shelly's Patent Flats with Heart

If you feel the need to stick with black then these Shelly shoes have got to be the perfect choice for wearing instead of heels. Black patent, cute strap, perforated design, little red heart – what more could you want?! This is a really girly shoe that even I could wear this summer.

So what would you do? Give your gorgeous heels away and settle for flats on a night out? Or wander around the house in your favourite shoes until you can make it from the car to the restaurant and back without grimacing?!

Disclaimer: I have a partnership with Spartoo which involves me writing posts about shoes available from their online store. I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result.Β 

11 Responses

  1. kimmer2111

    I’ve given up with heels….
    Last time I wore them on a night out I ended up in A&E….lol Took them off as my feet were killing me and stood on some glass….Lesson learnt! Flats for me…lol

  2. ClairejB

    I always wear flats during the day but when I do go for a night out I usually go for high heels but always end up with painful feet! Why do we do it to ourselves? There are so many pretty ballerina pumps available these days, I might try these on my next night out & save my feet!

  3. Jade

    I’m too tall to wear high heels πŸ™ I’d love to though!!

  4. Laura

    I can’t give up on heels yet, but I know what you mean. Slightly lower heeled wedges are always a good bet for me πŸ™‚

  5. Shybiker

    Heels are a blessing and a curse. We all have to make that decision for ourselves. The red flats are really cute.

    • Splodz

      They are indeed… I love them and hate them in equal measure! (And yes I’m sat in my kitchen wearing a pair right now hoping it’ll help!)

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