Review: Refreshers Squashies

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Do you like it when confectioners mess about with your favourite sweets? I’m normally very sceptical and am often disappointed when companies play about with recipes, add flavours, change things about. So when I spotted this new take on Refreshers in the shop a couple of weeks ago I bought some (yes, another accidental purchase!), but expected to be let down.

Refreshers Squashies

To me refreshers are a childhood favourite chewy sweet – you must remember those long thin bars with the sherbet running through them, or the smaller bite sized sweets you spent a massive 2p on in the penny sweet shop? They’re still around today, of course, considered a retro confectionery – am I old?

These are different, though. These are soft and squishy. Not chewy and sticky. And sherbet doesn’t burst out all over you when you unwrap them.

Refreshers Squashies

But I have to admit – there was no disappointment. I love them! They are soft, easy to eat (I am actually old, aren’t I?!), don’t pull your teeth out of your gums (yep, no getting away from it now, definitely old), and taste EXACTLY like a refreshers chewy sweet. They even have that sherbet tang. Proof? I made LincsGeek try them without knowing what they were and he said “they’re like those Refreshers sweets, but soft”.

The problem is I’ve not seen them again since I bought this first packet. I need more!

I wonder if they’re doing Fruit Salad and Black Jack Squashies too?

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  1. Corrine

    They had all three types of squashies in our lidl earlier!

    • Splodz

      Three types? Which are they? Refreshers, a friend said Love Hearts – what is the third?

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