Happify Your Life: The Science of Being Happy

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Happify are translating the latest cutting-edge research into fun and interactive, science-based activities and games to teach us the skills of happiness. Optimism, self-confidence, gratitude, hope, compassion, purpose, empathy – these are all qualities that anyone can own – and Happify believe that we can train ourselves to develop these and become happier as a result. 

Happify Pioneer BadgeI have been invited by the Happify team to be one of their “pioneers” – to test out the platform.

The aim of Happify is to provide users with an innovative new online/mobile product that uses interactive activities and games to help users form daily happiness habits and build social connections with like-minded happiness seekers.

So far I have played a game to find certain objects in a scene, made (and eaten) home-made meatballs, posted a photo of my bunnies (pets help make us happy), and thought about how my leisure activities match up with my values. The little tasks, exercises, are quick, but appear to encourage me to consider things and their impact on my mood.

When we have new experiences or look at something in a different way, neurons carve out new pathways in our brain to process that fresh information. By practicing certain techniques, we can create stronger neural connections in the regions of our brain associated with attention, motivation and empathy. And we’re just beginning to identify what behavioral and mental techniques work best to increase our well-being.

This is an experiment. I already know that my attitude in advance of any given scenario in life does indeed affect my mood (and sometimes also the outcome) – so I am very interested to see whether joining Happify has any lasting effect in developing new good-for-my-mind habits. I agreed to take part in Happify to find out what it is all about. I’m interested to know if this stuff works. I’ll let you know.

Are any of you taking part in Happify too? If so give me a follow over on the Happify Pioneer site and let me know what you think. If not – would you consider taking part in little tasks and exercises to help improve your mental well-being? Do you believe that happiness is something you can train yourself to achieve? Is it something that you can take control of? What do you do to help pick yourself up – any tips and tricks?

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  1. ClairejB

    I have just joined happify after reading this. I’d love to be able to improve my mood so I thought it ‘s probably worth a try! Is it completely free do you know or do you get so much for free & then they expect you to pay if you want more? (sorry, that’s my negative, cynical side coming through!).
    i would love to be able to ‘train’ myself to be happy if it is really possible!

    • Splodz

      Oh that’s great, I hope you find it useful. I’ve no idea about charging for it, I guess they might want to monetize it at some point (everyone seems to want to do that with things!) but I think at the moment it’s to test out the theories. Hope it works for you.

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