Review: New Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Bars

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Whenever anyone tells you that chocolate is good for you (and they’re not just trying to help you in a crisis moment…) then they are probably talking about good quality dark chocolate, eaten a little at a time(!). I do enjoy a bit of proper dark chocolate, there is normally some in the fridge at home and also often some in my desk drawer (no stealing!!). 

These two bars have come from Elizabeth Shaw – both are based on their lovely dark chocolate (that I’ve reviewed before) but with some surprising (and definitely not mint) flavour additions.

Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate

To start with I must mention the lovely packaging. I know it’s only chocolate but the card outer sleeve is lovely – it makes this chocolate good enough to give as a gift and keeps it more intact than the usual waxed paper packaging you get on nice dark chocolate.

To the chocolate, then. There are two bars here – Blackberry and Ginger, and Pear and Almond. Elizabeth Shaw have chosen two very different fruits to impress your chocolate taste buds.

The Blackberry and Ginger one has a real sharpness to it courtesy of the fruit, and a warmness thanks to the ginger. The flavours have been added by way of little bits set inside the chocolate, which gives it some texture as well as added flavour. You get little bursts of blackberry and hits of ginger in every little nibble. Lovely.

Elizabeth Shaw Pear and Almond Dark Chocolate

The Pear and Almond chocolate (pictured above) has the same rich dark chocolate as the Blackberry version but because of the choice of fruit it is much less sharp. I adore pear and dark chocolate together anyway, and Elizabeth Shaw have really hit on something here with this bar. The tiny nuggets of pear and slices of almond are quite gorgeous. Definitely my preferred choice of the two.

Both of these bars are still all about the chocolate, but the addition of the fruit and nut is impressive and makes these lovely treats. A square or two of one of these is an ideal way to end a day.

Disclaimer: I received a couple of bars of Elizabeth Shaw chocolate so I could try it and tell you about it. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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