Review: McCain Caribbean Wedges

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While I make an effort to use orange freezer food as little as possible – based on the assumption that home-made from fresh is better for us – I always have a selection of frozen potato such as chips, wedges, roasties, croquets in the freezer to help with mid-week catering. And anyway, I rather like oven chips and potato wedges; they are convenient and taste good!

McCain Caribbean Wedges

McCain have recently launched a new flavour of potato wedges – Caribbean Wedges – which are part of their world flavours range and will be available as a limited edition during this summer. They sent the Tesco man to my front door with a bag for LincsGeek and I to try out; once again (it happened before with the chips) I felt the need to explain in detail to the delivery driver why my entire order consisted of one 750g bag of potato wedges, he still thought I was a bit strange!

McCain Caribbean Wedges Ingredients

We don’t eat much Caribbean inspired food at home but I do like a nice jambalaya or jerk chicken when we eat out, so I know that Caribbean food is full of lovely spicing, is warming, and is best served with a big dollop of soured cream! These wedges have been spiced using ginger, red chilli pepper, coriander, cinnamon and black pepper (amongst other things too, you can see above). You can see the seasoning coating the wedges before cooking and when they are ready they smell gorgeous.

LincsGeek and I both enjoyed these very much. They are indeed spicy, as we anticipated, but they’re not over the top and can be served with a variety of meals. I (shamefully) sat and enjoyed a portion with a squirt of garlic mayonnaise one Sunday evening (no comments please) – they were lovely as a warm snack and I have already purchased some more so I can do the same again some time soon.

McCain Caribbean Wedges

McCain say these wedges are ideal for sharing (ha!) – I can see the perfect way to serve them would be in a big bowl alongside some barbecued meat and fresh salad. We’re even getting the weather for that at the moment!

Disclaimer: I was given some of the new McCain Caribbean Wedges for free. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.

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