My Bunnies Will Want a Bed!

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I haven’t published a bunny-related post for a little while, which is very remiss of me! I actually tweeted the link to this video the other day but it is so adorable I had to share it again…

Can you imagine if Chocolate and Ginger were let loose in an Ibis hotel room with all that camera equipment? They’d be licking the lenses, ruffling up the nicely made sheets, rushing around the place getting in everyone’s way, and then they’d find a suitably important but thankfully non-lethal cable to feast upon.

They’re not that naughty really…!

If they were given a bed with beautiful linen to sleep they would snuggle together, ears flopped over each other, and would snooze stretched out until they could smell breakfast. I wonder if Ibis would bring them broccoli and carrot tops as room service?

Ginger Destroying a Cardboard Box

Chocolate and some Carrot Tops

Disclaimer: I was asked to share this video with you by Spread it Fast but I only did so because it was cute!

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